Alert!! Lv Withdraws & Recalls All Patchwork Items

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  1. OMG I just read this!! My Speedy:wtf:

    "Late Friday evening top French fashion house Louis Vuitton announced the end of production of their just released Patchwork denim items! All items already sold have been recalled due to flaws in the stitching. Some bags have already been returned to stores, with irate customers demanding explanations on this expensive faux pas. A spokesman for the Fashion House has apologised and an investigation begun into the shoddy workmanship that is not characteristic of this top range establishment"
  2. source?
  3. Oh..thanks for the info!
  4. There is no source because it's yet another April Fools joke. I'm starting to get tired of them now. I hope I don't have to go through this all day at work.
  5. Yeah, you almost got me....but Megs and Vlad have my April first antenna up already!
  6. You made me jump out of my skin!!!:push: :cursing: :wtf:
  7. It is true I am heartbroken I love the speedy!
  8. April fool's joke right???
  9. Sorry heard it on the news then friend in US sent me email
  10. I would definitely be heartbroken. I been eyeing this line for the longest.
  11. It was to be the Piece De resistance in my collection, I can't believe it!
  12. OMG!!! i was having a mini heart attack!!! Duh im stupid sometimes! x
  13. I have to go out folks will keep you updated if I hear anymore! On later!
  14. i still find this hard to believe. i haven't been scanning, but are there Patchwork Speedys on eBay already? have they actually released these bags yet? i know the Pouchy is out, but how about the bigger bags?
  15. ok seriously don't do this to me I need that speedy can someone call their store & see if they know anything mine is closed now.