Alert! Coach webpage updated

  2. LOL thanks kiari you're always the first to notice.
  3. Just looked.... I doesn't look like anothing that new. I looks like the bags that have been in the store for awhile.
  4. its on my favorites and i pop in a few times a day lol:roflmfao:

    I wish they would add the "abstract" pieces. Completely overprices but they are so pretty I want to oogle over them.:girlsigh:
  5. I find the following helpful to find out if they've added anything new without waiting for the page to completely load. I'm on dial-up, and it takes a while. To view Coach's web site I use IE. When I click on View All Handbags, it'll tell me down on the bottom how many items (pictures) there are to load. Right now, it's 107.
  6. LOL I'm not the only one still on dial-up..hopefully I'll get comcast or broadband soon since everyone always wants to use the phone when I'm on computer & I don't ever want to get off b/c I'm talking to all you fantastic people.

    Kiari I agree the abstract pieces are pretty but really overpriced that's something I would have to wait & hope it makes it to the outlets.
  7. I just checked the website & hmm it doesn't look different to me..when they update their website it usually says new on stuff they just added & would remove "new" on other things like the stripe line & scarf print.
  8. The only thing I can tell is they changed the picture on the home page.

    I have a separate phone line for the computer. :smile: I had to. My mom would try calling and would always get a busy signal. She would then call my MIL (not good) and ask why. I've read something about if you have call waiting it'll let you know if you have a phone call if you are on the computer. I can get DSL but don't want to pay for another modem, and it'll cost four times as much a month.
  9. hm..I have call waiting & mine doesn't tell me when someone is calling..not fair!
  10. They changed it last night. I was on and noticed a couple bags I haven't seen before. Nothing jumps out to me though.
  11. It could be only certain IP companies offer it. Can't remember.
  12. did they put couple new bags? i checked it yesterday, i didnt see anything new.. hmm maybe it's just my eyes? :nuts: :lol:
  13. oh..i want the scarf print demi.. :o