Alek Wek (Wek1933) Handbags...Opinions?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm in the mood for a new handbag and I saw Alek Wek on Tyra talking about her handbag line Wek 1933. Has anyone purchased a Wek 1933 handbag? If so, please share you're opinions. :lol: I have some birthday/christmas money that is burning a whole in my wallet. :graucho:

    Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. Any pictures?
  3. I haven't seen these in IRL but I love that she's such changing (expanding?) notions of traditional beauty. If she designs great bags on top of that, more power to her.
  4. Well said. And I totally agree. :tup:
  5. I have been looking all over for her bags...but have yet to actually find one I can buy.
  6. I agree that I LOVE how she has changed what "society" thinks as beautiful. After hearing her life story and what her current mission is, I couldn't help but check out her handbags.

    Ame - I have never seen her bags IRL either. According to her site, they are sold at her store in New York, so I'm hoping a NYC tPF'er has ventured in there.