Aleanto handbags: Anyone heard of this brand?


Jan 18, 2009
Has anyone ever heard of the brand Aleanto? I'm pretty sure this is their site, Aleanto Collezioni, but I'm not 100% certain. Are they a reputable or real designer brand?

The reason I ask is because I saw a bag made by them in a reputable department store here, which was basically a blatant rip-off of the Foley + Corinna Mid or Mini City Tote. The bag was in metallic gold, in a style almost exactly like the City Tote, so much so that when I first saw it, I thought I'd found a F+C retailer here! Instead, nope, when I opened the bag to check out the designer, I saw the Aleanto name instead. Otherwise, though, it really was almost exactly like the City Tote, down to the zippered pockets inside and outside, the handle style, the shoulder strap for carrying the bag when folded over... The part that really surprised me was that it retailed for about US$400! :wtf:

I didn't manage to sneak a picture of the bag before it disappeared from the department store, and I can't find it on the Aleanto website above now. Has anyone else heard of this brand, though? Are they a real designer, or do they just copy bags by other designers instead? If the latter, why in the world are their bags so expensive?!

If anyone can sate my curiosity about this, TIA!


Dec 11, 2007
Starkfan, I saw this brand of bags just a couple of days ago at TJMaxx. The ones they had, well none were as you described, but I thought they were kinda pretty, if not kinda on the HUGE side.


Jul 13, 2006
British Columbia
I found an Aleanto bag today & I quite like it. It's a pinkish tan color and very very "Smooshy & Puddly". The leather is cut in little half semicircles kind of (if that makes sense:biggrin:), on the front of the bag. (Makes it look kind of "woven" or something.) What is that kind of leatherwork called anyway?

Anyway, here it is:



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Aug 15, 2013
Today, I bought an Aleanto tote at TJMaxx. It is suede. What I like the most about the purse is its lite weight.