Aldo Sizing


Apr 20, 2008
I did a search already but didn't find anything, so I apologize if there's another thread like this!

I'd like to get some shoes from and have heard that they run a bit small. I'm a size 7 and am wondering if I should risk getting a 7 or if I should size up to an 8?

I tried a friend's flats from aldo in a 7 and they were def all of aldo's shoes run small?

They run small and dont have half sizes.

I am a size 6 to a 6.5

I wear a 37 in Chanel, Louboutin, Lanvin, and 36.5 in Miu Miu, Stuarts etc..

In aldo shoes I wear a 7 in their boots HOWEVER

I wear a 6 in their heels- which are a big snug and I wear a 5 in their sandals.

It's really a toss up it depends on the style!
Their shoes also fit very weird. The 7 always fits me in length but my heels come out so I normally buy a 6 in heels and then have to get them stretched!

I wouldn't buy online I'd honestly try them on because it really depends on the style. If you show me a link of what you like I can probably tell you how they will fit
I'm a normal US size 6, and I wear size 6 in Aldo boots. Never tried their heels so I'm not sure of the sizing. My boots fit great, not too tight at all... Like Jenna said, I definitely recommend going and trying them on.
Their shoes run a bit big for me. I wear a size 6 for most of my shoes (including Christian Louboutin) but when it comes to Aldo, I wear a 5. Unless they're boots. Then I'm a size 6.
Always, always small for me!

With boots, I find myself sizing up 2 sizes.
With most shoes though, sizing up 1 should be enough.

But listen to the advice of Jenna. Specifically for Aldo, I would go into a store and try on the exact shoe I wanted. The sizes really aren't that predictable unlike many other brands.
Their sizing is pretty random, and when I used to wear them generally ran too small. I think the shoes weren't too small, but they seemed to have uncomfortable pinch-points which were more avoidable with a size up.

I generally think Aldo's fit is pretty poor, they're among the most uncomfortable shoes I've owned, I'm glad I don't own them anymore despite being good looking heels.
I NEED HEEELLLPP!! I really want the Elfering by Aldo. If anyone has them can someone please tell me how the sizing goes? They go for 110 in stores but someone on ebay is selling them brand new for 40 so I realllly want to know. And Im working so I have no time to stop at the mall and try them on, and to make thins worst Im in between sizes and the yonly sell whole sizes. Thankksss!!!!

P.S. Im an 8.5