Aldo Protector


Mar 19, 2008
Resists rain, snow, slush, salt and stains. Year-round protection for all colors of leather, suede and fabric. Helps prevent salt stains. Do not use on patent, reptile, metallic leather or vinyl.
Has anyone tried it on their bbag

thoughts please!!!!!!! :yes:
Aug 17, 2008
I didn't try the spray, i think it's too smelly:sick:
but i just found out the Aldo Defense lotion is really good on black color, it actually darken the black and make it more shiny:yahoo:
but remember not to use on a lighter color, it'll darken the leather(it's darken my brown boots to dark brown:sweatdrop:)
I actually took some pics when i put the lotion on my faded black balenciaga, 1st pic is the front after i put lotion on it , you can see the difference at the 2nd pic, front(already put on the lotion) and side(not yet),3rd pic is after the lotion, last pic is the back of my bal ( left:with lotion,right:without lotion)


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