Aldo handbags

  1. I found a really cute slouch handbage from "Aldo". Has anyone heard of them or know anything about them???:confused1:
  2. I have several aldo bags and love them. I generally use mine for bag weather when I dont want to carry my LV's.
    Otherwise they're ok :smile:
    Aldo is all over the world, US and canada and seems to be a big low key store here in ontario.
  3. The bags in aldo are generally cute designer inspired bags
  4. I have one - very cute and afforable bags.
  5. I think they're cute, one of the girls I work with has some bags from there. I don't believe they're leather though, are they?
  6. You're right, theyr'e not leather.
  7. I get many of my shoes from there. I've purchased a few purses from Aldo before too. They are cute and designer inspired. I love my designer bags, but the cheap ones definitely come in handy.

    Janinevs, they are not leather.
  8. I use my Aldo bags for "really" casual use, when I'm afraid to get the bags scratched or dirty on the subway.
  9. Aldo is a store found in virtually every mall in Canada. Their shoes aren't what I'd call well made, but nice for the price. They do trends quite well. Flats, platforms - whatever looks is in, you can get without breaking the bank. I've noticed they DO copy a lot of popular purses. I've seen a Kooba Sienna lookalike as well as a Jimmy Choo Ramona. Also a Coach Chevron. All of them looked incredibly cheap. You wouldn't mistake them for the real thing. Probably not something you'd want for yourself. Not bad for a teenage daughter though. :yes:
  10. Every handbag and shoes I have gotten from Aldo fell apart way before it's time.....I no longer shop there.
  11. I have a bunch of Aldo shoes and a couple of Aldo bags.. The bags are great since they have cute designs and can look great. But yeah, they do break apart, but at the same time are great when you're going somewhere you don't want to carry your designer purse (such as... the beach, the pool, etc- thats just me, i wouldnt bring my designer purses to somewhere where i have to have it off of me, even if someone is watching it for me)
  12. humm, i personally don't shop there, but their shoes are trendy so are the bags. my attitude towards Aldo is " you get what you paid for" so i wouldn't expect too much from them.
  13. My cheap aldo bags that dont mind the bad weather,.
    IMG_5941.jpg IMG_4516.jpg
  14. Just bought this in Winter White!