Aldo extra 30% off sale + free shipping promotional code

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  1. I just ordered online a pair of shoes from Aldo Shoes after received their email about the extra 30% off all sale items. Went to the aldo store nearby my house and they do not have this extra 30% off. So I decided to book online instead. Surfed for free shipping code and they have one until Feb 1, 2010. It worked for me. Just type in VIPOFFER for free shipping. ^_^

    The shoes that I got was priced $125 before tax, and now, after tax, I am paying only $30! :yahoo:
  2. when does the discount come up, or is it already included in the marked down price?

    i added a pair of shoes to my cart and clicked check out and the price is the same.
  3. Hi canada's, the price already included the marked down. I went to the site few days ago before the extra 30% off, so I know they have already further lowered 30% of the sale price. The shoes I got was $39.98 before 30% off, but now it is priced at only $27.99.
  4. OK, thx.

    i need beat around shoes for this terrible winter weather, but some prices are still too high for aldo's quality. thanks again though!
  5. I did order a pair last night, and I already got a shipping notification. I got the "Seppa" pair for $34 after tax. Not too bad.. I probably wouldn't pay more than $40 for these, so that works for me.
  6. ^^^
    i know what you mean.

    i want a pair of wedges for the brutal snow we're having, but at $45, i feel like that that's overpriced for aldo. i'm a total shoe snob (if it isn't quality, i only want to pay $30/under), but i probably need to give myself a little more leeway for a pair of beat around shoes.
  7. Thank you I was able to get the stemper for $40 with shipping! I can't wait to it gets warm again.....thanks again!!
  8. You are welcome, ladies. Yap, I do think sometimes Aldo shoes are overpriced for the quality they have. Which is why I always wait for sales. I am addicted to snake skin print lately. Planning to start a collection of snake skin accessories. Glad I found this Letilza to go with my belt.

    Canada's, I went to Quebec during May, and it was like winter to me!! I dare not think when it is real winter!!

    Auroraskye, nice choice! Like the way how they have the "shoe lace" design. Black or taupe?

    mistyknightwin, I noticed it too. Love studded items, and that is one colorful studding!
  9. what styles did u ladies get?? thx
  10. kuishi - I got it in black. I am not much of a taupe person :smile:
  11. Thanks
  12. use this code for an additional 10% off
    and if you buy $100 worth of stuff then shipping if free!
  13. for ladies who take half sizes, do you order 1/2 size up or down?
  14. jayd23, I tried and that code works too. However, I will get free shipping promotional code (which will make me save $5 for no minimum) instead of this 10% off if my purchase is less than $50. If will be great if aldo allows we use both promotional codes.

    I usually take half size bigger if I know the shoes are not going to expand after wearing for quite some time.