Aldo bags?

  1. Recently,I have had the opportunity to purchase 2 really cute Aldo bags at a great price.I have debated the purchase because I'm not at all familiar with this label.Can anyone tell me a little bit about Aldo? What is the typical price range for one of these handbags? Is it a respectable label? I have seen it before,but not as much as others.thanks
  2. They have a website - - so you can check prices there. The bags seem extremely inexpensive. I have a pair of Aldo shoes that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and they have held up very well - summer sandals that still look great after 2 summers is amazing. But that is all I know.
  3. Aldo is a shoe store chain that started in Montreal Canada. Not expensive at all. Cheap, cheap, Cheap....
    Some of my Canadian friends may think I am being a shopping snob, but I don't think the quality at Aldo is good at all. But if you want a cheap and cheerful shoe/bag that will last a season thats the place to go.
    They also do copies of current designer shoes and bags ( another reason I don't shop there).
    If you love the bag, then go for it. But Aldo has been out this way forever.
  4. yep, i think i saw B-bag version at Aldo
  5. I love Aldo shoes, but I personally have never purchased the bags.
  6. aldo had the worst version of a spy last winter...all the 14 yr old teeny boppers were carrying it. i've never had an aldo bag, but i've had the shoes and the quality is bad. i've never had a pair that lasted a full season with regular wear. some of the shoes are cute, and if you wear them a few times great, but they're not shoes i would spend a lot of time in.
  7. Yes you have, and it feels like a rubber/plastic combination.. :shame:

  8. aldo's quality has gone downhill over recent years...the shoes are about the same quality as le chateau. i really miss the shoe chain pegabo. *cries*

    if you like the bag, go for it, i have seen some cute styles there from time to time.
  9. I wouldn't purchase the bags at the outlet in hopes of reselling for profit on ebay. They're an okay brand, nothing spectacular. But if you like the style and the price, and they're for personal use, go for it!! :smile:
  10. aldo shoes aren't the greatest but in Canada thats much pretty much it beside High end retailers (manolo, gucci).....In the U's you guys have so many its Aldo....and the big no no Transit, Le Chateau, Payless Shoes.....but aldo is getting ridiculous...i saw a pair of boots last season taht wated but they were 500$ FOR ALDO BOOTS...are you joking....for another 3 bills i could go get a pair of guccis.....
  11. Hey, what about Browns shoes? I have had some luck there. Its a few steps above Aldo but they have many levels of pricing and quality. have you ever heard of Graity Pope? - Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, and a great website.
    My fave is John Flluvog for shoes. They are more $$ for sure but I have had some 8-10 years. They all have a unique look so if you like it they never go out of style.
    I never shop Aldo, Transit, payless or Le Cheatau and seem to do OK for shoes.
  12. i agree! aldo is not it for shoes in canada at all! we also have great boutique shoe stores too that offer alternatives other than chain stores
  13. I have a pair of Aldo flip flops that I absolutely love. And yes, I did see Bbag knockoffs there :lol:
  14. I love Aldo shoes! And I've suggested a couple of their bags to other PF members. They're cute and pretty reasonably priced IMO.
  15. The shoes fall apart with a lot of wear....the "inspired" bags feel like rubber....the quality has gone down in the last year for some reason. When I was in LA there was an Aldo discount store on Melrose and it was all piles of cheap shoes and bags for $5.