Aldavis7's Purse Collection...

  1. I finally figured out how to get pictures on here.
    Attached please find my LV collection. I'll add my other purses on Monday.

    Mono Klara
    Damier Wallet (my husband's but that counts too right?) ;)
    Mono Babylone
    Denim Speedy
    Mono Petit Noe (my first!)
    Black cell holder (again my husband's but hey I bought it!) :yes:

    Enjoy, I know it's not at big as most on here... but I love them and can't wait to add to them!! :yahoo:
    KlaraandWallet.jpg speedyandbabylone.jpg petitnoeandcell.jpg
  2. Ok everyone, I have figured out how to make my photos smaller so hopefully these are better! I guess my collection isn't as grand as others on the forum... :crybaby:But would love to know what people think! :yes:

    The additions on this post are the Coach and Kate Spade bags.
    IMG_1378.JPG IMG_1379.JPG IMG_1380.JPG IMG_1381.JPG
  3. Love your collection!
  4. what a lovely collection...
    thanx for sharing
  5. love the noe :heart: , thanks for the great pics
  6. good looking stuff you got there!
  7. Nice variety! :graucho:
  8. Great collection!!! LOVE the Noe:graucho:!!!:love: How do you like Babylone?
  9. LTV, Solitair, Nerdbox01, Cmorton and John 5-- thank you so much! I am loving my purses but want to broaden my LV collection (to my husband's chagrin) :graucho:

    LV_addict the Babylone is my newest, and at first I was a little hesitant, didn't take it out because I was thinking of returning it for a Damier Speedy 30 (might be my next purchase)... or the Popincourt Haut (decided it was too small.. and didn't like how the cute metal balls would not show due to the way I wear my purses--something the SA pointed out)... but when I couldn't make up my mind after the return period expired, I wore it out... and I LOVE IT!! :yahoo:

    The strap length is GREAT (long) so I can wear over a coat during these colder months, I love having it zipped versus my Noe (I would sling that behind my back sometimes and it would flip and my stuff would go everywhere since I didn't tighten the straps enough--my own lazy fault!:shame: )... but the Babylone is great. :love: THANKS!
  10. Awesome collection, Love the patina on the noe.
  11. Very nice collection....Love the Klara!
  12. Great collection! I love your denim speedy!
  13. I love your Klara. Very nice collection.
  14. cute collection..
  15. Bagfetish-- thank you!! Yes my petit noe is the only one right now with a nice patina... I think the denim will probably be the next one to darken... :yes:

    Gracefeng and Michelle1025-- thank you for coming to visit! I love the Klara-- haven't taken it out yet, as my DH bought it with the Denim Speedy with an understanding that I would consider the Klara as a future gift... so technically I could take it out now, I'm trying to restrain myself and then take it out after the occasion it is considered the gift for. (hmm dont' think if that sounds right... hope ya know what I mean). It's hard though-- we just went to a wedding and I sooooo wanted to carry the Klara!! But willpower won out. :angel: (Don't know how long it'll last though.. he he... I'm going to a bday party this weekend and think only the Klara will do.. and the DH DID say that I don't have to wait to use her... hmmm):graucho:

    Sacrlett_2005-- Thank you for taking a peek at my modest collection! I love the denim speedy and used it every day for 2 months straight... it just holds SO MUCH and I think looks good with about everything (it was my summer bag).:love:

    Bluxcape-- thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to add more to the collection.. I might add some pics of some cute bags of mine that aren't really brand name... I have about 30 of those... hmm, it's an idea...:idea: