Alberta Ferretti studded leather pumps

  1. These Alberta Ferretti studded leather pumps have been on my NAP wishlist since they showed up on the site:

    I'm not sure though
    a) how they'll stand the test of time
    b) how comfortable they would be

    I think the studs alone would kind of turn me off, but something about the addition of the patent strap makes these much more appealing to me.

    Anybody have these (and if so, any sizing tips???)? Or anyone have any opinions on them?
  2. hmmm i don't really like them unfortunately :sad:, imo, they kinda look too trendy. i don't know about you but i wouldn't get them because of the trendy overly-unique design (omg the overload of studs all over!), which could be dated? that's just my opinion. i just gotten a pair of BV gladiator heels off NAP! they've been on my wish / wanted list lol for ages! heh heh :graucho:
  3. They're really interesting and fun, but I think they'll be out of style very quickly.
  4. I don't like the extra strap, it doesn't look cohesive. If you want studded yet sophisticated, go to Louboutin.
  5. Thank you all for your honest opinions. I think I like these because they're not my usual style, but I don't think I like them enough to pay anywhere near full price. Plus my feet are getting a little tired of super high heels lately.

    Instead I decided to fulfill my desire for something studded and a little more edgy than my usual look by buying this Alice + Olivia dress from Shopbop (it's not quite as short on me as it is on the model because I'm shorter).
  6. well, i personally love both the dress (what kind of material is it anyway?) and the shoes - both are perfect examples of a trend that happens to be more plentiful this particular season, but that i would wear any time. i think the silhouettes of both are classic enough to counteract any overwhelming trendiness. even if next year, the studs feel "out", you will be able to bust these out again in 3-4 years (assuming you rock a semi-edgy style on a regular basis), and be wowed by them all over again!

    i'm kind of with you on not paying full price on the shoes, but who knows? maybe your size will show up on sale. if you can be patient enough, yoox often ends up with alot of alberta ferretti stuff not too far out of season; you could sign up for those updates when they get new af shoe arrivals. i think the "d'orsay + flatteringly low strap" combo would probably make one's legs look amazing and sexy!