Alba Seeks Skin Help

  1. Jessica Alba used one of Hollywood's secret weapons yesterday morning (left). How does the world's sexiest woman maintain one of the most gorgeous complexions? Why, a session with facialist to the stars Kate Somerville, of course!

    As for the outfit, it all seems to work. The calf-warmers are off-putting at first but then they kind of grow on you. New trend among Hollywood starlets?

    Earlier this week, Jessica Alba and co-star Dane Cook were shooting a kissing scene for their new film Good Luck, Chuck when they banged teeth. Jessica claims: "I lost a tooth. Isn’t that disgusting? Dane and I were smashing our faces together." Well, it looks like she got her snaggletooth replaced already! Picture perfert once again...
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  2. I don't know if I like the look she's trying to pull off in that dress. The dress itself is pretty but it looks like her Spanx are showing.
  3. i dont really like her very much, shes not nice in person. but oh well. haha..
  4. She is a true natural beauty--gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear that she is not nice in person.
  5. I walked by her on Robson street in Vancouver last month and she looked pretty stunning... and she was also complaining to the person she was with about having to wait in line at a restaurant so maybe the snobby thing is true? Don't really know. But she was very pretty and wasn't wearing those strange granny looking things.
  6. yea she is always here in vancouver....she is not very approachable at all (i've never approached her or plan to ever) but my friends who work on set with her say she's very much a B****. I persoanlly dont liek her at all...
  7. really, she is that *****y? she is pretty though!
  8. She is pretty, but as ameka said, those strange granny looking things have to go.
  9. I hate the spandex with that outfit. :Push:
    Makes me sad to hear she's a snob...
  10. what's up w/ the spanx?!?! she's pretty but i think she been losing too much weight. i think she looks better before when she was not as skinny.
  11. ^^ i totally agree with u...! she looked GORGEOUS in 'into the blue'! i was looking at her almost as much as i was lookin' at paul walker... ALMOST :P
    she's *****y...? funny.. she struck me as being the down to earth kind... guess not... :Push: i'm in vancouver too... and i live downtown.. wonder why i havent' seen her around..
  12. Her skin is glowing
  13. You never know what to believe when you read about the celebs...hope she is kind
  14. Does anyone know what necklace she's wearing? I've been looking for a necklace that's disc-shaped and in gold with thin chain. I've seen several celebrities wear something like that but could not seem to find any that looks good. The one she's wearing is stunning. Any ideas?
  15. Not only is she snobby but I read an interview she did in GQ and that girl has a sailor's mouth! Everything in the article was f&$#@ that or f&%#@ this.

    She also complained that, because she is so beautiful, she only gets offered roles playing beautiful women. She actually said this in a very vain fashion, like "because I am beautiful...". So we all know Alba isn't suffering from false modesty!!!!

    Hun....if it weren't for those "beautiful" girl roles you'd be a nobody!