Alba Products

  1. I tried the Pineapple scrub by Alba this past week and really liked it. I was thinking of trying the moisturizer, maybe the night cream or the SPF stuff for day... It's kinda expensive for drugstore brand though, so I wanted to check and see if anyone has experience with Alba before I paid $17 for a tube of moisturizer. Has anyone else used these products?

  2. i've only used the body and hair products. i like the emollient body lotion for sensitive skin a lot....the rest of the products i've tried smell and work great but i go through them too quickly for the price. i can buy the emollient one from a bulk station at the healthfood store, so it was pretty inexpensive. i've used it on my face (because i have dry skin sensitive skin and it's fragrance and dye free) and it works well even though it's a body lotion.
  3. i use the jasmine moisturizer at night. it's great, oil-free and does not cause acne (i have oily skin). it has a light fragrance. it's a little pricey for drugstore moisturizer, but it beats paying for brands in the department store.
  4. The jasmine did smell sooo good, but I didn't think that one was oil free... the one next to it said oil free, but that one didn't specify.
  5. I've used the sae foam cleanser and toner before. I really like it, it's a great brand.
  6. the reason that alba is sort of an expensive drug store brand is they claim to use organic ingredients.
    i haven't try their skincare line but their body product line is really good. I love the honey mango body wash.
    very moisturizing! (i swim everyday and use that to shower after)
  7. I use their face scrub, face lotion (spf 30) and also shampoo (plumeria) and conditioner I LOVE this line.

    I think that, considering that you are not putting chemicals on your skin, the price is really reasonable compared to other organic products out there. Just look at it as an investment on your and your skin.
  8. You should check at marshalls, they had lots of alba products for around 8-10 dollars!
  9. I've tried their shampoo and cream rinse at a friend's house, and I loved how soft it made my hair. I also have their Terra Gloss lipgloss - it tastes delicious, like cherry/vanilla coke! Try a natural foods store, like Whole Foods. Their Alba products are usually under $10.00.
  10. I love Alba products, I also use the emollient moisturizer for the body (I use the one with Alpha Hydroxy).

    I also use their eye cream called Eyewitness. It's very light and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.
  11. my best friend was just telling me about this line yesterday! she uses the moist. with spf 15 and she really likes it!!
    she used to break out bad, but her skin looks great lately!
  12. I'm going to have to find a better place to buy... my CVS only carried about 4 items. I want to try the eye cream and shampoo/conditioner!