(alba and sienna's bag) Does anyone know?

  1. Hi everyone,
    Jessica alba and Sienna miller are wearing the same bag with different color in these recent photos, and
    does anyone know its designer or brand?
    I really like this bag, but can't seem to find it anywhere. :cry:
    bag.jpg bag2.jpg bag3.jpg
  2. I don't know the bag, but I'd also like to know who makes those cute shoes!
  3. The strap like from Balenciaga..
  4. I think it might be D&G...wait let me check
  5. Marly, her cute shoes are from Chloe :idea:

    I checked balenciaga but they don't have this model.

    I was thinking marc jacobs or miumiu, but none of sites seems to have it.

    Im going to check D&G now. Thank you girls for your thoughts :flowers:
  6. please post when you find put!! :biggrin:
  7. Ladies, it's a miu miu bag. Seen it last week.:biggrin:
  8. it's cute!i like the white one sienna's wearing!!
  9. [​IMG]
    Maggie is seen here with the bag also. She looks good pregnant. Sorry but i never thought she was pretty:sad: only until now w/child:biggrin:
  10. Some people are just so lucky to look good preganant. Some celebritys look like they've been pregnant their whole lives cause they look really good doing so... ie: Heidi Klum. I think she looks fabulous pregnant.
  11. I agree!
  12. do u ladies know if there's a specific name for the bag? where did u see it?
  13. I forgot the style number, but I seen it at the miu miu store. They don't have the full fall/winter collection yet, but in that style, there's jessica's color and a black one TDF price is about $1500.

    I didn't see Sienna's color there. The bag can also be worn across the shoulder like a messenger.. it's sooooooooo dope!
  14. wow i love that bag :biggrin:~~ so D&G rockstar, its miu2 rite??? aahh.. i want it so bad lol
  15. i think a lot of stars look so wonderful pregnant because it actually gives a little shape to their faces, hips, etc - they look like living, breathing women.