Alaskan Klee Kai?

  1. This is semi-related to the "Toy Maltese" thread. Does anyone know anything about the Alaskan Klee Kai? It's not AKC recognized, but it is registered under the "American Rare Breed Association". Is it an actual breed, or just a backyard breeder scam like toy beagles?
  2. They're beautiful dogs with very sound genetics. The original breeder is very strict in maintaining the standards to the years and years of careful breeding she took in developing the klee kai. There are only a handful of breeders available, and they're strictly moinotored so they don't take the sad route of these "teacups" and designer dogs with their health problems. It usually takes a while to get one since the waitlists are long and they're strict on who purchases them (other than being very rare). They're gorgeous dogs. If you like the malamutes & siberian husky but need one in a smaller package, this is a wonderful dog that has went through careful breeding and I'd like one of these if I decide on a companion to my dog. Many rare and sound breeds prefer not to go AKC (even if they can) for different reasons and prefer to have their own organizations. I'm sure some inexperienced home breeder or puppymill would love to get their paws on one to market them for extra $$ that rare breeds bring in, but it'll be hard to do so and ruin it due to the strict standards on getting one.
  3. I had never heard of this breed until I read this thread. I went to the link and I must say, they are very pretty dogs. From what I read they have a nice temperment too. Are you thinking of getting one?
  4. they're soo cute! it's like a mini siberian husky.
  5. Leelee: I would love to get one, but like I mentioned in another thread I don't think I could deal with a puppy. Considering how rare they are, I don't think I could find an older one. They are gorgeous though. I'm more asking for my brother, since they were one of the breeds that he was strongly considering.

    Surfer: thanks for the info, I'll pass it on!

    In another vein, has anyone heard of or have any info on Toy/Miniature Dalmatians? That was another breed that he was considering, but after reading the toy Maltese thread I'm pretty sure it's also not legit. I would appreciate any info or opinions. Here is a website for a breeder:
  6. ^^^ OMG I did not need to see the Mini Dalmatians. I used to have a regular Dalmatian up until 4 years ago. Thanks for the link.
  7. My SO and i have been wanting a kleekai forever!! However, we are going to wait until we have time to drive up north to get the dog, since there is a breeder in Northern California. They are pretty rare
  8. --You never know, there might be a (Klee Kai) dog that did not turn out suitable for showing or breeding and might be available as an adult; contact the breeder(s) and ask.

    --IMO the mini-Dal is not legit. Why not ask the Dalmation Club of America about it? If you Google I'm sure you can find the club website.
  9. Oh my god...miniature Dalmatians? That just seems so...wrong. Especially since they're prone to be neurotic dogs already (I used to have one), I can't imagine what inbreeding and crossbreeding with toy dogs would do to them.

    The Klee Kais are beautiful though. Reminds me of Shiba Inus.
  10. I want a Klee Kai soo bad. I can't wait until I get my own house so I can snuggle with one and my pug!!!!
  11. If you look through the photo section the puppies are shown next to full size dalmations, which are, I would imagine, the parents. I don't think they're for real, they're just showing you pictures of puppies and saying they'll stay small, which they won't.
    Also, they're trying to charge $25,000 for a puppy on this website? Don't buy from them, they're insane.
  12. That Dalmatian site seems REALLY wrong. Why would you want a mini Dalmatian?? Just get another small dog breed, Dalmatians are meant to be big.
  13. Wow, I've never seen or heard of an Alaskan Klee Kai. They're gorgeous dogs. Just be aware they are tough to train. It takes a lot of consistency and discipline to train any of the sled dogs.
    As for the mini dalmation, WTH?! That is just wrong. Not only did I laugh at the prices but the descriptions of them loving kids? No way. Dalmations are notorious for the behavior around small children.
  14. Aw what cute dogs! I'd never heard of them.