Alas I am not a city gal!

  1. I was trying so hard to love the city but it's just not my style. I like to be able to stuff my bag and sling it over my shoulder. I don't like the strap on the city it's too short and doesn't stay on. I think also the bag is too small for me i am almost 5'11' HWP and I think it doesn't suit me. I wish I loved I see all the city bags you ladies have and I think they are gorgeous but alas not for me it's the hobo and the day... : )(
  2. Yeah, the Day sounds like it would be much more your thing. I don't like the Hobo, though, because it's not roomy enough for me.

    Have you tried the Part Time? Also, you might have more luck getting the shoulder strap to stay on if you remove the shoulder pad.
  3. Sorry to hear that! I've come to realize that I'm not a GH much as I love the way they look, they are just not me! I guess that's why we buy, sell, and trade to find out what fits us best. ;)
  4. I totally agree! I bought a gorgeous 05 black City and tried to LOVE it but I just found that it was too big for me, I couldn't find things, I didn't like using the I sold it, no regrets. I have a bordeaux first and a box that I love, I take the longer strap off the box and put it on the first and it hangs pretty low....I love that look. I just bought a sienna day and boy am I crazy about THAT bag. The day just hangs perfect and I really like how the shoulder strap stays ON your shoulder. So I'm not a city girl either...
  5. Well, I like my cities but I agree that the day is much more comfortable on the shoulder. There's nothing wrong with being a day girl!
  6. That sucks :sMrsShoe... I was steered away from the city from my sis oogie at first. She didn't think it would have enough room for me, her recommendation was the partime. Maybe that styles might work for you better?
  7. i :heart: this look too! shucks, i'm lemming between the first and work again! just realised today that i mite not be a city gal either :hrmm:
  8. I thought I might be a city girl, but I'm more of a Day, First and Step girl! Nothing wrong with it :yes:
  9. Me too, I bought 3 cities last December and when they came, they werent me AT ALL. I like to sling it over my shoulder as well, something slouchy and I stuff mine too :shame: Something about the city, it just didnt do it for me, instantly too. Yet many others do well with the city, so its just a personal preference I guess.

    I decided then, I am a day girl. I like the twiggy and the first and the work, but there is nothing like the day for me. Its just perfect, even though I can never find my phone or wallet, its like one big black hole.