alas! a white star shines in the woods!

  1. thanks to all that have helped me make my decision for a small bag to bring to my friend's wedding this saturday!

    Introducing my new addition...

    Once upon a time, the new damier azur mini pochette was born..

    and its sister, the damier ebene cles, got jealous..and got into a fight with the damier azur
    mini pochette !

    Angry that it lost the fight, the damier ebene cles rushed and ran into the wrong dust bag!

    A happy ending...the new white star shines in the middle of the woods and lived happily ever after...

    Color..color..and more color building up in my collection!
  2. Addorable. Its like albino azur amongst the normal ones. (like tigers) KWIM
  3. LVery cute!
    You will look so stylish at that wedding!
  4. I think it's going to like it's big ebene Damier family! :p

  5. Lovely. Congrats!
  6. so cute ;) i love mine too!
  7. thanks~~~! maybe i should post my dress together with the bag!
  8. love your damier collection!! the azur poch is indeed the star! congrats :smile:
  9. You've got a great collection...I'm so jealous!
  10. how does this look?



    give me some comments! the shoes i have is light pewter in color...3 inch sandal pumps..plain but elegant!
    CIMG1447.JPG CIMG1449.JPG
  11. The Azur Pochette is super cute. I love mine but I removed the chain. Pretty dress, very feminine with all the lace. In my culture only the bride wears white at the wedding :confused1:. You will look stunning. Congrats!
  12. i love the white damier with your dress !!
  13. Love you dress and the azur mini pochette goes well with it!!!

  14. the bride is from poland.....................omg, do i have the wrong dress?????
  15. That dress is super it!! That is so my style, lacy, frilly, short and sweet! The Azur looks amazing with it, I'm so glad you went with the mini pochette!