Alanis Morissette, Ryan Reynolds End Engagement

  1. [​IMG]Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette have called it quits – and this time, it's official.

    Their reps, Dvora Vener and Meredith O'Sullivan, tell PEOPLE in a joint statement, "Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette have mutually decided to end their engagement.

    "They remain close friends and continue to have the utmost love and admiration for each other. They ask that their privacy be respected surrounding this personal matter."

    Morissette, 32, and Reynolds, 30, had previously split in June, a source close to the couple told PEOPLE at the time, but within weeks they were seen walking in Vancouver, holding hands in L.A. and, on Oct. 1, kissing in New York City.

    The singer and the Smokin' Aces actor, both Canadian-born, met in 2002 and dated for two years before becoming engaged in 2004.

    They never announced a wedding date. "We're just really enjoying this [engagement] phase," Morissette told PEOPLE in 2005. Added Reynolds, "We feel like we're already married."
  2. that's too bad..

    He's HOT!!
  3. I remember hearing about their first "break-up" but I didn't realize they actually stayed together. I don't really like Alanis but I think Ryan is yummy!
  4. This was a strange coupling from the start. Alanis scares me!
  5. Ryan's a HOTTIE!!!

    Awww... too bad it didn't work out. :sad:
  6. Alanis does look very old, i thnk ryan looks like he's only 26:graucho:
  7. aww....too bad! Did anyone see Ryan in this month's GQ?
  8. I agree!!! I thought it was very weird but who is to say??? I can't say that I'm surprised that they broke as much as I was surprised that they were together. I hope they both are ok.
  9. Oh that is bad! He is soo cute!
  10. aww never nice to hear of a breakup :'(
    wish them the best!
  11. dang he is hot! i really can't see them together either..but i really can't believe she used to go out with the blond uncle from full house!!!
  12. He's my back up husband in case something goes wrong with the one I have now... :drool:
  13. That's not so sad for me, because I'm not a big fan of Alanis and I never really liked them as a couple. I think Ryan can do much, much better than Alanis.
  14. :yahoo: Sorry but I think they were so miss matched. It's not even the fact that he's hot and she's not, it's just that their personalities are soooo different. My friend and I joke all the time that it must be something in Canadian water. The guys are all so hot, but they are with plain looking girls.
  15. I loved these two together.....very disappointed it didn't work out.