Alana purses marking?

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  1. Hi, I just bought two Alana purses over the phone (a black one and a chocolate one, one of which I will return when I decide which I prefer) and the SA said that it will mark. She said due to the function of the purse and that it will be in a bag with other items, that it will mark. Also due to the nature of the darwin leather it will also mark.

    I was almost tempted to not buy them, but she went to the trouble of picking out the best chocolate one. I also want to touch and feel for myself to make sure I don't want them (like that will happen!)

    I have a bag made of chocolate darwin leather that has never marked. I use it quite a lot. It's a year and a half old. I've never treated with this collonil or anything either.

    Has anybody else with an alana purse experienced it marking. Surely Mulberry can't sell purses for £100's of pounds that WILL mark?

  2. Darwin leather does mark though, maybe thats what the SA was trying to say, as a lot of people might not know about darwin leather and how it changes in time...
  3. I haven't bothered to collonil my choccy Alana purse, iI use it as my everyday purse and t's still looking pristine but I am not too worried if it does get a bit battered and marked because I think it will look good like that. I can't imagine that marks would be very noiceable anyway as it's such a dark brown. If I were you I'd just Collonil it though, if it worries you :smile:
  4. How does the darwin leather change over time? I have a tyler made of dark chocolate darwin leather and over the last year and a half it hasn't marked or changed. Should I be treating it with collonli?

    Can't wait for my alana's to arrive. SA said she would post tomorrow and it should arrive tues/weds...

    goldfinch - i really admire your collection. These purses mark my 3rd and 4th mulberry purchase.
  5. Darwin develops a patina over time. None of my bags have yet (they havent been out enough!) but there are some lovely pictures around here somewhere of bags which have developed a great patina with age.