Alana Purse Thoughts

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  1. Visited the york outlet again today the sale ends this weekend they had the small alana purse on sale in red and ginger two colour opotion or black for a cheap £87.00 compared with £122 for other colourways or £175 rrp
    does anyone have this? is a great everyday purse? i want a mulberry purse but when i look at the prices i think they are expensive compared to the bags but i reckon £87.00 is a steal what do you girls reckon?xx:tup:
  2. Yes, I think this is a great price,but will you be able to go back and get it?
  3. pretty sure they open sunday mmmmmm i'm hoping so x
  4. Hi

    I would love to buy an Alana for that price. What other colours did they have/ If you go could you also see if they have any Emmy purses. Thanks a million.
  5. They Had Oak /two Tone Oak/chocolate/deep Red All At £122 It Ws Only The Red And Ginger Option And The Black That Were In The Sale For The Purse Range. I Did Notice A Choc Emmy Purse Don't Know How Much Though X
  6. MMM! I am now tempted. Might phone tomorrow and order one. Have been wanting an Alana in Oak. How does the red/ginger look. Can't imagine that combination. Also, are they in Darwin leather or Rio leather?
  7. The Combination Works Well I'm Tempted Between That Or The Classic Black. They Are Darwin You Get The Little Insert Aswell For Credit Cards Which Is A Nice Touch I Didn't Know About Until I Asked To Look At One Today. The Oak Is £122 The Rrp Outside Of Outlets £175
  8. I am tempted to order the Oak even though it is a little more than the others. I had been looking for an Oak Alana for a while and gave up. Would like to give the Red/ginger a go but a little nervous.
  9. I Think Its A Case Of Dare To Be Different Telephone No 01904 611055
  10. Guess what, phoned the outlet today and they tell me they don't have any at all!!!
  11. I am not sure whether the purses were sold out or whether the SA was being lazy. She just they did not have any and I was surprised as you said they had them yesterday. Did you manage to get one today??
  12. Hi dexter i was there at 12.30 today they had 4 black ones and 2 of the red/ginger that was after i bought myself a black one -that's so unfair i would go with your opinion and say they were lazy or they simply lack knowledge i say this because the staff are different on a sunday to the rest of the week x
  13. Hi Bayley

    Many thanks for your response. I am so upset now that I know they had them and she told me they had none. she didn't seem helpful at all. I will call tomorrow and check again. Did you not see any Oak ones today. I am really after one in Oak. I may try the other outlets as well if not. Many thanks for your help. xx
  14. Hi the stock was pretty much the same as yesterday and as the alana purses were not reduced like the black and red/ginger as much only to £122 i can be certain they were still in the cabinet. let me know how you get on x
  15. Hi Bayley

    Phoned the York outlet today and they had plenty of Alana's. They did not have any in Oak or Oak/Chocolate but they had many other colours. I ordered one in Cognac/Almond and can't wait to get it.

    All I can say is that the SA I spoke to on Sunday was lazy and unhelpful. Never will I phone again on the weekends.

    If you ever go to the outlets and see any purses in Oak please let me know.

    many thanks