Alana in Vanilla

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  1. Ordered the Alana in vanilla today and can't wait to get it!!!!!. That's it for me - no more bags for the next few months. Have bought 6 bags in the past 2 months!!!
  2. Hey somebody resisted a roxy !!!

    Or do you already have one:graucho:

    Can`t wait to see some pictures..
  3. No, I don't have a Roxy but I am not particularly interested in one as I find it is a little too large for me. But now have to sell my Ledbury to pay for this. :sad:
    Will try and post pictures. Not very good at doing that: Tried once before and failed.
  4. Hey Dexter, congratulations - you went for the Alana! Sure you will love it, looking forward to the pics.
    Chaz posted a how to thread a while ago, if you search it'll come up.
  5. woohoo! Congratulations, cant wait to see the pics, the alana is a really nice style.
  6. Oooo congrats, hopefully you'll be able to post pics.
  7. wow, sounds great....the Mulberry fever seems to be catching!!
  8. Congrats on the Alana...just love the color Vanilla. Great neutral! :tup: