Alana: Best Colour?

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  1. Hi,
    I will be purchasing a Alana soon, but was wondering which colour stood out the best.
    I mainly wear alot of earthy colours (brown, green and dark orange)

    I was thinking of getting the black colourway especially after seeing Sara Jane's one, but I have not had a black bag for years.

    I have seen the ginger one in the summer sales and I must admit it did look stunning!

  2. I will be hopefully going to the factory shop this weekend, so I might end up getting two!!!
  3. I'm really pleased with my black one but it doesn't sound as if it would go ideally with the colours you wear. I wear a lot of black, white, red so I needed a black, strong looking bag. I was after something structural to give my wardrobe a bit of an edge.
    I saw the ginger one which was gorgeous, a real zingy colour and it would look great with browns & greens. Or what about chocolate brown??
    I'd get them all out, line them up and see which one stands out. Let us know what you decide.
  4. Which one are you going to?
  5. How about a bronze Alana? It would go well with the colours you're suggesting, although the bronzing can be quite delicate.
  6. I would say chocolate, based on the colours you have mentioned. Good luck and please post some pictures if you get one (or two!) so we can all drool!
  7. The one in Shepton Mallet. I have never been and will be with my five year old daughter, God help me if I do not get a 'treat' for her as well.

    I am actually more thinking of the ginger colourway, but I will see when I get there!:smile:
  8. I love the ginger (which is surprising as I tend to go for black) but with the colours you wear I think it will look so fab!:tup:
  9. I think I will get the ginger one, hide it for about a month and then tell dear hubby 'Oh I bought this bag last year':sweatdrop:
  10. I will take pictures of the bag and post on Saturday hopefully.
  11. Thats the best thing about buying Mulberry bags in Black Darwin, he doesn't notice half the time its a new bag!

    Infact when I got my east west - he asked me if my bag had shrunk!;)
  12. There are a few bags in my collection that I have not used this year and if I was to use any of them tomorrow he will say when did you buy that bag!

    I own Gucci and Prada bags and maybe because they are so high profile he always remembers these bags!
  13. Ah - thats why you have got to love mulberry so discrete - you can always pretend you have had them a while!

    This bag - new? No I got it last year!!;)
  14. I have to agree with you!!!

  15. The Shepton shop is lovely and there's a little coffee shop inside as well. They even have toys to keep the kids amused although my boys insist on settling down with their GameBoys etc on the huge leather floor cushions that are for sale at £200 a go while I frantically try to get them off them!!
    I was there last week and they had a good range. They'd just had a new delivery and there were a lot of bags. If you don't see what you want I'd always ask as often they have more in the stock room that they haven't brought out.
    Ginger Alana sounds fab. Have a great time. :tup: