Ala Moana Ls Has Tutti/pirata On Sale!!!

  1. I just got a call from ala moana LS and they have TUTTI in!!! :yahoo:

    Just 5 minute ago! I heading there now!

    also, she said starting today PIRATA will be on sale!
  2. go go go djr!!!

    looks like the hawaii girls can have a meet up now that that tutti is in!! :woohoo:
  3. wohoooo!!! thanks djr!! might go this afternoon! :tup:
  4. oh we meetin for tutti or wuh? someone lemme know lolz. kinda soon though eh? lolz..
  5. I just got the call too!! Hahaha. And then I texted Jess, Dana, and the others... but I guess I'm too late! *lol* Anyway, the SA said they DID NOT get any denaro's in... but they got MAMMA MIAS in!! I'm headed there as soon as James comes home from dropping something off!!!
  6. What are they pricing the Mamma Mia's at in Hawaii?
  7. I just called, and they don't do charge sends to the mainland. Oh well, I'll have to wait for Macy's here to get them. I'll post when they get them in our area (Seattle).
  8. I think almost $170, something like $168...? I hate the price hike, but I really want a MM and doesn't seem like anywhere on the mainland has gotten it yet...
  9. Yeahh if i were you I'd wait anyway...our prices are :wtf:
  10. Not only did they not get denaro's but they didn't receive any caramella's either. But they didn't open up all their boxes yet and they'll be getting more shipment in. So you never know!

    I bought a Tutti MM with the storm cloud, Cactus Kid on phone, Mozzarella, and rainbow on the front, and the star boobie and Tsuru girl on the back. I'll post pix later.
  11. Maya, I'm jealous!! :drool: I can't wait to see the MM in Tutti!!! Yay for you!! :yahoo:

  12. Thanks!! I'm pretty happy!! I like how I have two totally different looking sides... and I have Mozzarella and Cactus Kid on the bottom (even though bottoms don't matter to me) and the Cactus Kid on BOTH of the sides under the mesh. Hehe.
  13. Congrats Maya!:woohoo: I know how much you've wanted the Tutti MM. So, maybe the last 2 prints will have MM after all...

    Can't wait to see your pics!!!!!
  14. Congrats Maya!! And thanks for the text!! Sucks that they didnt get denaros in.. I really want to check them out.. and PIRATA is on sale?!?!! Really?? What's the discount?? I don't think it'll be much.. haha it'll probably end up to be regular retail price :lol: *sigh* I mustnt jinx it.

    So.. tutti is in.. does that mean we're having a meet soon? Kara!! When are you available until??

    Ohhh and the MMs.. they should be 157+HI tax.. I've looked at so many MMs that I know the price LOL Wow.. a tutti MM.. :drool: I love totes! But whiiiiite-ness.. and dana = broke hahaha *sigh* I wonder how it looks on gioco :graucho:
  15. Argh!! There's something wrong with my Photoshop because it's saying the pictures on my camera aren't a "valid" form!! WTF!! This problem started happening just two days ago...

    The gioco was cute, too. But the MM still has less white fabric than the gioco. Hehe. And I think the black mesh looks super cute with this print. They also had the zucca... and I'm definitely glad I turned down the Pulse one because it's just TOO much white fabric for me.