Ala Moana Hawaii Meet: November 2007

  1. I know we've been talking about a meet in November at Ala Moana to look at LV mainly but also our other favorite stores. Caley will be in town one weekend and Simone Legno another weekend. My baby boys gets his shots on 11/1 so we're good to go. Anyone else have any other thoughts?

    If we don't do November maybe we can do a Christmas Party?

    Please discuss here...
  2. for the good of the "da gang" (lol) i would suggest going the toki weekend. just cause once again i'm with my parents and i'm stopping in at LV thursday night since that's the only time i'll get to see SA (she doesn't work friday and works saturday nights and i'll be back on maui by then).

    i'm working on convincing the bf for us to take a trip on our own so i can dedicate an afternoon to hanging out with you ladies. i feel really crappy that i still haven't met you guys yet :sad:
  3. oooh! what day are we shooting for? this is a weekend yes?
  4. Wish I could be there too! Have fun and I'll meet up with everyone sometime next year if and when I come home.:crybaby:
  5. this is going to be a special meet!

    not only because rileygirl can finally bring out beautiful baby for the first time but caley, emilyk, disney and junkenpo will be back on Oahu by then. let's hit up LV first and then stand in line for signing. should we eat lunch first?

    everyone else that will be in town please join us for our pre-holiday shopping meet.
  6. Yes! The more the merrier! Anyone peeking into this thread please say "Aloha!" and put your 2 cents in on when in november is a good day for you.

    I have honestly no idea if I'll have the free time to come up on a weekend in november...unless it's the long thanksgiving weekend... but that doesn't mean I'm ruling out dropping everything to come, pre-planning for Xmas break sounds good too...

    Out of any comment not specifically related to the "when" and "how to identify" and "where" and "what time" and "who I'm bringing" to the meet..... does that mean the post is OT?

    We can still discuss LV bags and accessories we possibly might be purchasing at the november meet, right?

    I think the weather is still an important topic, bc if it's raining, I don't think it would be a good idea for anyone to bring anything with vachetta unless it's been apple-guarded....

    And we are in a tropical climate... it could be sunny in waikiki and raining at Ala Moana...

    And outfits are still on topic, because those who haven't met anyone us have to know what to look, it's fun to "dress up" for your friends! and we don't want to be too matchy-matchy since everyone here has such great taste in bags & clothes....

    so what does that leave for what qualifies as "off topic"?
  7. oh! and we can still discuss food right? Because we need to know if we're doing lunch, too.... so we can make reservations somewhere if need be... or if we're going to head down to the food court.... and if we have any newcomers/non-resident visitors, they need to know what kind of cuisine is available... wow.

    OT: that just made me hungry. My dad made curry, i'm going to go eat.

    be back later to check the progress of meet discussion. :p
  8. You crack me up JKP!

    Food always on topic cuz you need nourishment to power shop with Emily--clothese on topic becauew you need to look good when walking in important to me cuz if it rains can't bring the babies.....
  9. FYI: I would like to say that I voted this thread as "average" because Em, Dis, Colleen, Aulii, Aki, Pohai's Mom, NG, and out-of-state visitors have yet to post about joining the november meet. :wlae:

    Plus, I just like adding stars to things.
  10. :tup::tup::tup:


  11. Ok, should we give GInger a hint and a heads up so we can get VIP treatement upstairs?
  12. yes we should let her know we'll be all there so she can work her schedule for morning instead of her usual mid-day shift like she did the last meet.

    yummmy macadamia cookies dipped in chocolate while looking at Lookbook. let's ask about gray inclusions, groom line and holiday jack and lucy. i'll take one of each lol.
  13. the juice was good too.

    i won't be making any purchases though...anyone wanting to buy anything?
  14. ^because you're getting Nimbus tomorrow i think that qualifies as the last bag for at month. hee hee.
    i'm sure we'll find something we have to buy.
  15. Ok, but it has to be like, 200 and below, LOL...

    I am going to spend a lot of money tomorrow at my AM meet by myself--oh, actually with TPFer Nike Golf. hahah