ala moana has trasportop!!!

  1. I got the call about 30minutes ago,jus thought I'd let everyone know
  2. i got the "call" also, i'll be heading there after work. hopefully everything is gone. thank god i don't want a denaro.
  3. i ws debating if i should head down there after work for a caramella, but like you said hopefully there all gone...i shouldnt be spending any more money on tokidoki bags! a trasporto zucca and ciao is good enough, i dont need anymore..
  4. Do people in Hawaii honestly head on to the store right after work and buy out the entire stock of tokidoki cause otherwise my vancanze MM hunt is pretty much over before it even started. Sigh, MM needs to last through the weekend for me to get it.
  5. I think it's really because so many people like toki in HI and there's only so much stock certain styles like the denaro and caramella are hard to come by especially now since they know that they're not found in the states resellers are going to be also scooping things up and jacking up prices
  6. In that case then I guess my MM is a lost cause?? They only have MM in the tutti, trasporto and vacanze print in Hawaii though I think that the carmella and denaro are much more popular.
  7. WHAT oh man. I just spent a small fortune on toki in the past 2 weeks. I can't afford anymore now. I hope to find my trasporto caio at a dept store in the states.

    otherwise maybe i will get a bambione or a zucca in the trasporto and get a vacanaze in ciao and the other bag in spiaggia.

  8. i was there around 11:45-12ish they only had 5 more denaro's left!
  9. Run girls, run!!! Post your pics!
  10. LOL!

    I would be right there with you if I could be! Yes please post pics =)
  11. lol... it sounds so exciting. I can't wait to see everyone's pics!
  12. wohoo!!! how exciting!! have fun girls! let us know what you get. i super miss going to the LSS boutique and seeing all the bags. :crybaby:
  13. I went there early and checked it out. the only thing that was sold out was the denaro's. I didn't get anything for myself, but will on friday. Couldn't decide what I wanted. I think a Dolce, and those are one of the last things to go so I don't feel a rush to get it.

    Plus, they said they will have another shipment and they would call me when it came in.

    I admit, I didn't like it at first, but irl, it's simply adorable! gotta get one...later.;)