Al Pacino / Tony Montana Sunglasses In Scarface?

  1. Hi,
    I wonder if anybody knows what sunglasses Tony Montana (al pacino) is wearing in the pool scene in the scarface movie?


    Would be great if anybody would konw the exact name and model of this sunglasses.

  2. ^yeah, i know these already. they are very close, but not the exact ones. how come nobody know the sunnies hes wearing? were there no "product placements" back in the days:confused1:

    You sure it is porsche sunnies?
  3. Porsche was a pretty popular brand back in the days. And they were one of the brands that did the foldable design. I am not 100% sure but since Tony's car of choice in a movie was indeed a Porsche 928, maybe sunnies were by Porsche as well.:idea:
  4. the sunglasses wearing al pacino not are porsche design, are linda farrow!!
  5. i was watching the movie the other day and I was also admiring his sunnies. they are cute!

    wow, Al Pacino looks so young in that photo
  6. How about his gold watch? I think it is a Piaget dose any one know the make and model???
  7. i am interested in the prototype glasses good job
  8. guys, it's a carrera!
  9. The original sunglasses are Linda Farrow and i went through hell until found them for me with the original lenses!

    All these posts saying they were carrera etc put me on a wild goose chase forever !!!

    They are Linda Farrow doubt about it people
  10. Hi!They are 100% PORSCHE sunglasses...and why i know it...I HAVE THESE!!!!(Genuine Vintage) : - )
  11. Hi, I wonder id anybody know the jacket Sosa wears on this picture ?

  12. What are they called the ones she wearing ??