Akward gucci experience

  1. So today, my friends and i were eating at subway and we noticed a man walk in with a purse! Not just any purse, but a gucci. I dont know about yall, but i've never seen a man carry a purse (unless their shopping with their gf/wife..haha) It was very odd..a man with a purse...at least it was a beautiful bag..he has good taste =]

    He was carrying this one

    oo just noticed i spelled awkward wrong -__- please ignore..
  2. Might be his wife's :smile:
  3. i'm pretty sure it wasnt cause he was digging through the purse, looking for his wallet so he can pay..plus usually when husbands hold their wives purses, they dont wear it..they just hold on to the handle and keep it low to the ground..he was wearing it
  4. I was trying to view it, but it took forever to load. Is it just my connection, or is the Gucci website really slow? All other websites seem to load pretty fast except for Gucci.
  5. Guess you haven't seen bryanboy's blog :p But yeah I would be suprised to see a guy with a purse- a completely non-masculine one at that.
  6. I guess that is the new trend...alot of men carrying a tote in japan...
  7. Oh honey i see it alot here in Texas, at least he had good taste it was a pretty bag.
  8. ohh my gosh!! that bag sooo feminine. i would probably say "nice bag"! just to get an answer as to :confused1: why that bag!!
  9. WOW that is odd... maybe he is in the process of getting a sex change:roflmfao:
  10. hey..if he can rock it..I say GO FOR IT!!
  11. I've never seen a man with a purse like that before...but at least he has good taste!!
  12. Umm you must live in a small town? Ever been to NY/SF??? Look at the Gucci men's runway bags...some of them are decidedly feminine-inspired asexual. There's definitely a few of the newer women's bags I'd rock. And yes in Japan every other guy has a tote/handbag/soft briefcase, regardless of their orientation...
  13. that's odd?
  14. ok finally the gucci site showed up in my browser. :smile: Anyway, if you'd check out the men's spring collection, the first bag shown is quite a feminine shape done large. I actually like it. It looks like an oversize Pelham. I have a few feminine-looking bags myself, including a dome shaped LV Nolita 24h, which is a big version of the Nolita. I used to have qualms about carrying something like that, but if I'm happy, why should I care what people think? I like big, feminine-shaped bags on me, because they add some twist to my masculine frame and fashion.

  15. actually i live in houston..notice the yall's??