Akkk! I Spend One day In This Forum

  1. And look what happens.
    How did this happen..:graucho:

    I'm just going to go ahead and blame TPF.....all of you with your beautiful bags....
    and ranskimmie ;) all that talk about local Coach stores got to me :shame:
  2. what did you buy? What did you buy????? Pix!!!!
  3. I remember you from the LV forum! What have you bought from Coach??? I've moved over here too, a little easier on the wallet!
  4. Don't tease us! What's inside those bags?:drool:
  5. *Waves*
    Hi!! Yup I am kinda getting LV burnout, waiting for the horrors of S?S 08 to disappear from my mind...
  6. Well i went to look at the printed python, but it was hideous in person :yucky: real dull & flaking like crazy so I went vintage..and pucked up some other stuff too.
  7. YAY! But please please show us what you have in those bags.
  8. There you are!!! I know what you mean...

    What did you get?! Show us! Show us!
  9. Sorry, imageshack is having probs & I need to resize so it'll be a minute.
  10. OMG This is like torture!!!!! What did you get???
  11. :popcorn:
  12. What a tease! :p:p:p
  13. :jammin:
  14. Beautiful shopping bags BUT....need...to...see...what's...inside!