AKAellewood's *collection* :)

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  1. After lurking around a little bit, I finally got around to taking some pics of my bags, and got the courage to post them! the collection progressively has gotten to be of better taste as I got a little bit more mature...i just graduated from college a few weeks ago, so im still sort of an infant in all of this! enjoy!! :heart:

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  2. Very nice!!
  3. thanks Nola! I'm adding a *few* more. The fendi backpack is my favorite because its so different, and old! My mom got it for me when we were on vacation because it was on sale, and I used it in grammar school! Can't imagine what that teacher was thinking, if she even noticed!:roflmfao:

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  4. love your coach scarves! esp the one on the far most right ..
  5. cute collection!
  6. lavie--thats my new one from the hampton collection..im obsessed!! thanks for all of the comments!
  7. I :heart::heart::heart: the Gucci boots!!! And the little Pucci pouch is great. Very nice collection! Congratulations on your recent graduation too.
  8. I like your Gucci things, especially the boots!
  9. Beautiful pieces! I have yet been able to add any LV to my collection but you are making it very hard on me not to! :P
  10. awesome collection.
  11. thanks guys!! the boots were an impulse buy...harrod's summer sale last summer...i couldnt pass up the deal, AND they had my size (i have clown feet!) my friends left me to go to the FLEA MARKETS in notting hill during the biggest harrods sale of the year! It was my first day in London and I stayed by myself at Harrods, I was like i'll catch up with you guys later....the boots were totally worth getting completely lost! lol
  12. Harrods sales are great, just remember to keep your elbows out, head down, go for what you want and hold on tight to anything you have - some people have been known to take things out of other peoples hands!!!

    Its a war out there!
  13. very nice, congrats
  14. Love the LV's!!! :nuts:
  15. nice collection!