AJ's Collection Thread!!!! <3 RM, Bal, Chloe, Treesje

  1. adorable collection!
  2. Thanks ppinkiwi! The Chloe fever is totally taking me by storm these days, though I'm trying to stick to something resembling a ban:p!
  3. Thank you! :hugs:
  4. AHH your collection is just :loveeyes: :loveeyes:
  5. AJ love your collection! We love the same brands, and styles too! Work and MAB are my fav's too. I would love to see some mod shots of that gorgy os suede MAB! That is one rare bag. Does it have Paisley lining?
  6. Thank you!! I'm very fond of it:p
  7. Thanks Fashion! We totally do have similar taste- I will admit to having something of an unhealthy obsession with your Bal collection and your Tomato MAB especially! I'm going to try to slap together some mod shots with the wine suede MAB, but there are a couple of dark marks on the suede I've been putting off cleaning . . . any suggestions? I've never really done an intensive suede cleaning, because suede bags usually aren't my cup of tea, but the grime in a few areas certainly seems removeable . . . :thinking:

    It does have the paisley lining, which is my absolute favorite- it's such a delicate but strong-looking pattern, I love it!
  8. Incoming new addition today, which I adore: my first RM Matinee! The Matinee is a little smaller than I usually like, so I haven't paid much mind to it, but I was so enticed by the leather and color of this one that I had to snap it up . . . and I am SO glad I did! I love the way the bag fits under your arm in such a sturdy way- it reminds me of carrying my fat miniature pinscher: small but very warm, malleable and substantial. The combination is Berry Leather, with chocolate brown suede flaps and I'm totally smitten! :loveeyes:
    Berry Matinee 1.jpg Berry Matinee 2.jpg Berry Matinee 3.jpg Berry Matinee 4.jpg Berry Matinee 5.jpg Berry Matinee 6.jpg Berry Matinee 7.jpg
  9. Also, my Paraty came grocery shopping with me today and I managed to take a (very blurry) modshot in my (very messy) room this morning as I left for work.
    Paraty Takes a Shopping Trip 1.jpg Paraty Takes a Shopping Trip 2.jpg July 16th.jpg
  10. Beautiful Bags. Love the action shoots. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks, mlag! :winkiss:
  12. Got my Petrol Rocco on Thursday!! I totally love it!! I've had an AW Lia for a long time and never thought I would get a Rocco, but I just couldn't get it out of my mind and I'm so glad I finally went for it! Also pictured with my RM Deep Turquoise MAB :love:.
    Rocco 1.jpg Rocco 2.jpg Rocco 3.jpg Rocco 4.jpg Rocco 5.jpg Rocco 6.jpg Rocco 7.jpg DTMAB and Rocco 1.jpg DTMAB and Rocco 2.jpg DTMAB and Rocco 3.jpg
  13. love them all! super jealous!
  14. Beautiful!!!Simply gorgeous. Great bags in great colors!
  15. Thanks so much, you two!