AJamesgrly's Expanding Collection!!

  1. hi guys and gals!

    I know it took me sometime to start my own showcase, but I've finally come to it. It's taken me awhile to get my bags together, because I live in San Diego, but I go to school in San Francisco so I have bags in Nor Cal as well as So Cal...but here is a majority of them. Some of them are hand me downs from my mother. I haven't been collecting very long (my obsession began about a year ago), so there will definitely be some expanding going on...esp after joining this forum! I've collected 3 LV's this year already and too me that is a fortune...as I am just a poor struggling med student...I hope to purchase a birkin one day, once I start practing! anyways, here they are enjoy!

    damier speedy 30
    mono twin pm
    pochette croissant
    popincourt haut
    vintage gucci


    dooney and burke
  2. the remainder of these bag are my everyday "throw around" bags that I use for school, work, grocery shopping, surfing whatever...you get the point!
    Franklin and Covey work and laptop bags
    Banana Republic tote
    the SAK
    Paul Frank (I looove this bag) it has a matching wallet!
    old navy
    and of course a family photo...sort of!!
    thanks for looking!!
  3. GREAT collection ajamesgrly!! Thanks for sharing!! I just LOVE your damier speedy!!
  4. thank you! I love my speedy too!!!
  5. Awesome collection :biggrin: thanks for sharing.
  6. thanks bag fetish!
  7. Great collection! I love your Vintage Gucci's. Thanks for sharing!
  8. thank you sunny!!
  9. Very nice collection. :yes:
  10. Hehe.. the Paul Frank set is so cute !
  11. nice collection
  12. allbrandspls, ayla and mellyjr...thanks so much for looking!!
  13. wow... cute collection.. love the gucci bags..
  14. Fantastic collection! I looove your vintage gucci pieces, they are GORGEOUS!
  15. Very nice collection. I like your pochette croissant!