Airports: Bad for Vuitton - Bad for you!

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  1. I just returned home after spending a month on the East Coast with friends and family and I wanted to share an experience with all of you! I was coming home from Boston's Logan Airport with my newly acquired Monogram Glace Elvin Briefcase and..

    I removed my laptop from my Elvin and placed it in the bin. I then took my coat off, folded it, placed it into another bin. I took my belt, my shoes and the Elvin and placed them on top of my coat. I usually always wait for my items to go completely into the machine, but I was told to move along and I obeyed. I then turn around and watch them take the briefcase off and toss it onto the conveyor belt and push it into the scanner. This is all taking place while I walk through the metal detector and I turn my head in disgust and say "Moron". Then I am asked "What did you say?" by the person attending the metal detector and I say "Nothing" and continue to wait for my things to come out.

    Of course they decide that my briefcase is worthy of an exam and I am asked to proceed to the metal table. The same moron takes the Elvin and tosses it on the table, I shudder, and I ask him to be careful with it. He replies "Oh, okay, sure" he then looks at me like I am crazy. I reply "It's Vuitton, it is discontinued and very difficult to find".

    I ask him what he is looking for, that the bag is empty aside from a few papers and a leather pouch containing money and receipts. He then tells me that he needs to do a "residue test" on both the interior and exterior of the bag because they detected a "powder substance" when they scanned it. He removes my belongings from the interior pockets and says "I don't want to get these wet". I look at him puzzled for a minute, wondering why my things would get wet AND THEN I have my answer. He takes out a cotton swab and some liquid and approaches the leather and I shout at him to stop. He says "Is there a problem" and I boldly say "Yes. There is. I have no idea what you are about to apply to the surface of my bag". He then tells me that if I want my bag back, he needs to perform this test. I ask what the liquid is, he answers "Sulfuric Acid" I reply "This is a $2000.00 bag and I do not want the finish ruined because you applied acid to it!". He has the audacity to say to me "You could have bought a bag just as nice at Wal Mart for $20.00". I look at him, completely shocked and say to him "It is Louis Vuitton" he then replies "So. Atleast you wouldn't need to act like it's gold".

    So, needless to say, I told him not to touch it and that I wanted to speak to his supervisor. He then asks me why and I tell him that I am not going to allow him to ruin my briefcase with whatever test he thinks that he needs to perform. At least 10 minutes later, his Supervisor makes an appearance and asks me what the issue is. I'm annoyed, pressed for time and hate moronic people. I tell her that I am being told that it is necessary to do a "Residue test" on the interior and exterior of my briefcase and that I am concerned that it will damage the finish of the leather or stain the interior. She says "You could be right", "It's Sulfuric Acid, It's used to test for explosive material, like gun powder and it also tests for cocaine". I explain to her that I am not comfortable with acid being applied to an expensive bag made out of leather (Especially with the Glace finish!).

    So she says looks over it herself and then smells it and says "I'm going to run it again". She puts it into the machine, talks to the operator and then says to me "Looks good" hands it back to me and says "Sorry for the confusion". I put my things back into it and move along to the lounge to wait for my flight.

    I whip out my iPhone and Google "Sulfuric Acid on Leather" and find out that Sulfuric Acid is highly destructive and will eat through leather surfaces, a diluted form of it is also used to bleach leathers before dying them - Nice to know!

    So, take my experience and remember.. SULFURIC ACID + LEATHER = BAD NEWS!
  2. OMG!!!!!Good thing you spoke up and did not let the a-hole ruin your LV
  3. Good on you for speaking up! This situation could have turned out so badly...*shudders*
  4. OMG! good you've spoken up!
  5. :wtf: OMG! What a A-hole. I'm glad you spoke up and said something and that there was someone actually nice there to help you out and not ruin ur case.
  6. OMG!!! I hate to think what might have happened if you hadn't have said something!
  7. Probably if you hadn't called him a 'moron' he wouldn't have given you the run around in the first place.
  8. OMG! I bet he wanted to do that on purpose! Jealous A-hole!
    I can't believe some people!
    Thanks for the warning
  9. glad you said sth! what an a$$!
  10. You shouldn't have called him a Moron. That wasn't very nice or polite of you, and this is probably the reason why he gave you so much trouble.

    I'd suggest keeping nasty comments to yourself next time.
  11. I am glad you take the matter into your own hands and saved your LV.
  12. I can not believe it. The glace leather is so rare and delicate.
  13. I totally agree with you!
  14. I swear, I think as soon as these apes at the airport spot a Vuitton, it's pretty much a green flag to 1. Give you a hard time and 2. Treat your property with total disregard....

    I can totally empathize with you. I travel alot (lol) and it has gotten to the point where I pretty much have to leave my beloved LVs safe at home in their warm little dustbags......sorry you as well had to encounter the clowns at the airport also known as TSA.....
  15. Almost everything out there has residue on it these days, I think it comes from money, which passes thru so many hands.
    My feeling is the "moron" comment caused the problem for you.
    Everyone out there has a job to do, whether we think it's important or not, & there's little need for rudeness.
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