Airports and designer purses

  1. I agree that it depends where i'm going - if I'm going to a major city, then I usually carry a designer bag but if i'm going on a cruise or to the tropics, then i'll usually carry something that is waterproof and that I don't mind losing or getting dirty.

    That being said, the main reason I personally choose to carry a designer bag is because when I'm going on a trip, I prefer not to bring too many bags simply because of limited luggage space. So if I'm only going to bring one purse, I want it to count.
  2. That's pretty absurd huh?
  3. She should have thrown away all boxes, price tags and receipts. That way they can't be sure she bought it in a foreign country. I always do that when I travel and I never had any trouble at customs. I mostly travel with my Louis Vuitton luggage, with a Chanel bag inside and Chanel wallet and more branded stuff. They never suspect me of anything.
  4. I don't care what everyone is carrying, i carry a nice non-designer bag when way do i want to worry about an expensive bag getting dirty on the security belt and handled by security.. Getting dirty onthe floor of the airplane.. And attracting attention to myself.

    I do the same with jewelry and other things that say "this is expensive"
  5. Pretty normal I think...The Europeans want their residents to spend their money in their home country...You can spend more than 420 euros, of course, but then you have to pay 30% taxes....
  6. Of course that's what most people do.....But some people are not even aware of the law....They think they can spend as much money as they want outside the European Community....
    I remember talking to a French gentleman who had spent 6000 euros in Dubai...
    He was sincerely astonished when I told him he might have problems when arriving in France...
  7. I think that they should have find out before. Not to be mean, but even I do a little research before doing something, with anything. And I'm only 19. Think an older person would know a bit more about laws etc.
  8. You are absolutely right. When I travel outside Europe I always take receipts from previous trips, especially for electronics or a watch....
  9. You are right. But a person who is not used to travelling can ignore the law.
    Or pretend, in front of the Customs officers, that they didn't know...
  10. I've never been questioned on what I purchased abroad! My dad has carried paintings on planes and hasn't been questioned! This thread is making me paranoid LOL

    Right now I'm traveling with my Fendi carry on and a big Burberry shopper, because they're nice and roomy. I alternate between my biggest purses for travel.
  11. What about NY? I'm going there next year, would it be save to bring a Keepall as hand luggage?
  12. I always carry whatever bag I'm using at the moment. I prefer designers that are more subtle (no monogram/big labels etc) so I don't think anyone even knows if I have a nice bag or not (unless you know designers). I do see lots of coach and LV when I travel, but I'd imagine most of it is fake. Ultimately for me I'm not going to hassle with separate travel handbags vs home--too much to deal with, imo.
  13. I don't usually carry designer to airports and on planes, but I have to carry my Alexander Wang Emile because I'm getting tax off pit so I have to bring it, otherwise I would've left it at home because I don't want to risk damaging the bag or putting the bag on the floor on the plane...

    The only time I've carried a designer was my MBMJ satchel, which isn't too bad plus it's a good bag to travel with.

    I'm going on holiday in 5 days and I'm having trouble on what bag to carry during my short trip because I don't want to be carrying my Emile the whole time. (and I'm only having carry on). Sigh!
  14. I personally would!! Unless i am going to a beach type holiday then its different however places like NYC then yes use it!! that is all I saw when i was there :smile:
  15. I understand the reasoning now. Has it always been this way? or did it change since you are having the some of the same issues we do in the US.

    Gotta say in Vegas I see & hear from friends kids who work retail about Europeans & British that come in stores with empty suitcases & fill it up.