Airports and designer purses

  1. I just got home from the US, and once again I saw a lot of designer purses in the airport and on the plane.

    On the way back my seat mate had a Prada purse and a huge Longchamp LePliage. She didn't speak English (or pretended not to so she wouldn't have to talk), so I couldn't talk to her about purses. All in all, I saw more Le Pliage that day than anything else, starting with two at a rest stop before coming to the airport.

    On the way to the US, coming through Amsterdam, I saw a lot of LV.

    But I've seen all kinds of expensive purses - looks like it's becoming a trend to bring an expensive purse when traveling.

    I've always heard you should dress down when traveling as to not be a target for being robbed, so I wonder how people think about this?

  2. I've noticed the same thing. On our flight to Wisconsin two weeks ago, I saw tons of LV bags and luggage. Same on our flight to Iceland back in April, sprinkled with Chanel and Prada. Personally, I'll take some of my expensive bags with me, but I tend to disguise them. My favorite carry-on is a LaPliage, but it's usually got my Chanel WOC wrapped up in it. I've also stuck my petite shopping tote in it as well. I do dress down, especially in airports- I'd just rather not call attention to myself. I've also read some of the stories on here about from ladies who have been stopped by customs because of their more expensive bags, and that makes me a little nervous.
  3. I always carry handbags that do not scream their labels off their lungs. :p no monograms, no huge *ss logo and small. I agree I dont want to appear rich (not that i am, but some ppl loveto judge). I want to look as down to earth and also comfortable at the same time. But some ppl might be scared to see acquintance during trips so they try to not look cheap, im guessing.
  4. I always use my Le Pliage as a carry-on, because it's easily washable and holds a ton. I've seen people travel with expensive luggage as well and I don't think it's very practical. One of my mom's friends was traveling commercial with LV luggage and he later found out that all his bags were broken into and a few things were taken. I've taken my mom's LV Speedy on vacation, but I kept it on me at all times and I had a larger bag to store it in. I like to dress comfortable and casual, but also look pulled together.
  5. I always travel low key, but have noticed in many of the big international airports the prevalence of designer bags - especially leaving Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, or Paris (NY is tame in comparison.)

    I personally leave the nice bags at home. I have a lot of Jerome dreyfuss which, although nice, is still understated (the ones I have) and unknown enough to not make me a target. I would be worried about traveling with anything too expensive, especially in my luggage!
  6. Yeah, I've noticed a ton of expensive purses and carry-ons while flying. I'm guessing they're dressing to impress?

    Growing up, my mother always made us dress our best when we flew to make a good impression on family and friends when they picked us up. Also to save face, mother would rather hear her kids looking great than messy. Now when I fly by myself, I still dress up. Although I haven't flown international before, so I can't say if I would keep the same practice or dress down depending the country.
  7. I usually travel with an Olivia Harris satchel that works cross body, over the shoulder or handheld. It's slouchy and fits my iPad, a sweater, and all my travel essentials. I like it because it's a lesser known designer so doesnt attract attention, but still adds a touch of soft silky leather (and thus happiness) to an otherwise stressful day traveling.

    I used to carry a Balenciaga but I felt too self conscious with that. I also got stressed out putting it on the conveyer belts and in the boxes and having them manhandled by security.
  8. I use my Catherine Parra bag, when travelling. It's leather made, roomy and very light....
    No screaming logo to attract attention from fellow passengers or Customs officers, particularly on the way back as we are not allowed to spend more than 420 euros outside Europe....
  9. We're allowed to spend about 1000 dollars outside of the country when having stayed more than 24 hours. Still, an expensive bag might earn you an extra check? Also, if you're traveling to or from an airport in France or Italy (and possibly other EU countries), you could (theoretically) be checked out by customs looking for fakes. Depending on the skill of the customs officials, that could be a mess even with a real bag.
  10. Exactly....An expensive bag can also mean you are wealthy enough to have spent a lot of money abroad....
    A friend of mine had to pay 1800 euros in taxes when her daughter came back from LA!
    She was dressed in designer clothes and the Customs officer (a lady but it could have been a man) asked her to open her luggage and found all sorts of expensive clothes, bags and wallets.... which she had bought in the US!
  11. I carry both designer and non-designer handbags and luggage when traveling overseas. I've owned hard-sided LV suitcases, keepalls, and handbags since the 1980s. I've seen tons of LV suitcases, keepalls, and handbags on overseas travelers, at airports, since the early 1970s.

    What type of handbags and luggage that I carry depends on where I'm going. When I'm off to Africa, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and tropical islands, I tend to pack the Kipling luggage and take Kipling and Kipling-style handbags, along with some rattan-type of summer bag for the evening.

    When I'm off to Europe, it's a mixture of luggage and handbags. Which handbag and luggage depends more on the situation of how I'm traveling and where I'm going than if it will be designer or non-designer.

    However, if I'm in a big city and am carrying a more high-end handbag and walk into a kind of shady situation, then I always just turn the bag around if there's a designer name, on the bag. Then I have the name facing my body instead of outward. When overseas, I'm out all day on public transportation and can't always get back to the apartment to change bags. However, I'm cautious whether carrying a designer handbag or a non-designer handbag.

    As for coming through customs, one needs to be sensible. I have come home carrying my Chanel tote bag through customs and with no problems. But, then again, had I gotten stopped and luggage searched, customs would not have found a ton of obviously new designer clothes in my suitcase. And I still have many receipts to previously-bought items that I own and thus pack as many of them as possible which alleviates a lot of problems.
  12. Bags of Prada are always worth to have..All the pieces are unique in Prada..There are some brands which always give us great things..Brands like Gucci,Dolce and gabbana, Prada etc..
  13. I usually travel with a Longchamp le pliage since they are so low-key, carefree and spacious, but on my next flight I'll be using an LV tote because I can't fit it in my carry-on luggage and don't want to check it. It depends on where I'm going though. If I was going to a third world country, I probably wouldn't carry an obvious logo bag.
  14. For me it would depend on the destination, if I was traveling to another European city or visiting the US I would carry definitely a designer bag, I mean why not? However If I was going to a resort holiday, or a destination where I'd like to be as discreet as possible I would leave the expensive bags at home.
  15. i think it's b/c of all the celebrity @ airport pix that have people starting to sport designer bag when travel. The only carry on I have is a mono pegase, but I'm always travel to see family so I never have to worry about public transportation. As far as check in goes, it's definitely something under $75 from burlington :p