Airport Troubles/Rant

  1. As many of you know I am leaving today to go to NYC for 2 months! Well I am overcome with emotions right now- excited, a bit nervous, and sad to leave Vlad, but either way, i have to say my airport experience was less than stellar this morning.

    I usually fly Delta or US Air (both of which I am a preferred member) but today I am on American. So Vlad and I get to the airport at 5:50 am!!!!!!! for a 6:55 flight. To me that was plenty of time. Well I wanted to check in curb-side but my one bag was more than the maximum weight allowed, so i had to go inside. Once I got inside I saw the biggest line I have ever seen in Columbus!!!!!! So I waited to check in and weighed in my bag- 80 lbs!!!! :roflmfao: And then go towards security- well that line was insane. But I told Vlad, "they will call us up we won't all mis our flight". Boy was I wrong- they didn't call us up and I did miss my flight!!!!!!

    It ended up all working out ok because now I have a direct flight to La Guardia rather than a connection, and will acutally get in sooner. But I still needed to rant.

    But to make you all laugh and realize what a guy Vlad is... while I had secured a place in the mile long security check-point line, i asked Vlad to go ask if they would call us up... so he comes back and tell me to LEAVE the line and follow him. I do and I said "So they are gonna let me through?!!" And he looks at me so serious and says "Pretend you are pregnant than you have prefered boarding" I nearly smacked him- it made me so mad!!!! So I ran back to line and slyly went back in to where I belonged and was mad at the Mr. :rolleyes:

    Anyhow I will be busy the bext few days but I will check in soon!!! I will need some PF support cause I am kinda nervous and quite sad :sad: but this is still going to be a great opportunity!
  2. Hi Megs, you'll do just fine in NY, I am positive about that. As for Vlad - a sense of humour is so important in a guy, and he seems to have that quality.

    Hope this will make you smile just a little - I was rushing off an email to someone earlier today and trying to compliment her. So I typed "You and your team are working with your socks off to ...", sent off the email, checked the "Sent mail" folder, realised the error and shot off another email to her correcting said error. Mind you, she just might be working with her socks off, I don't know ...

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  3. Good luck Megs..
    and what you wish for!!!!!!!!...LMAO!Good one though.I have to admit I would have acted pregnant..HEE>HEE>HEE>
  4. sounds like the airport has put you into the true spirit of a NYer pissed off at everybody
  5. I've never pretended to be pregnant to get priority boarding, but I love travelling with my gramma cos by hanging her on my arm, we always get to board first (and other privileges - she's 86).

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your stay in NYC, Megs. It's so exciting! I wish I was going there too. I really do love NYC. Post when you get there!!
  6. I have landed!!!! I ended up getting a direct flight that got me here quicker, so now I am just sitting waiting for my bags to come on the other flight?!!?! :rolleyes:

    Jill- you are right, the weather here is ugly.

    And I probably could have pulled off the pregnant tummy (me and Vlad eat waaaay too much when we are together) but I was so flustered I just couldn't do that. He was soo serious though?!?!

    PS I packed 2 HUGE bags for these 2 months... one of them weighed 80 lbs and I had to pay $50 more!!!! I really think someone should have the profession of teaching people to pack better.
  7. Hahah.. oh Megs, that's too funny about Vlad telling you to pretend you're pregnant ! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I'm glad to hear everything worked out in the end, besides the frustration !
  8. too funny Megs :biggrin:
    it was very sweet of Vlad to come up with that idea though!:yes:
    Good Luck with your new job, Im sure you will be EXCELLENT at it:biggrin:
  9. Welcome to NYC Megs!. The weather is going to get better by tuesday!
  10. wow, glad to hear that things went well.... have fun in NY and take pics for us... hmm, tons of temptation over there.. so much bags.. n u r there for 2 weeks.... hehehe, one new bag each week.. lol lol... take care.
  11. I missed a connecting flight in Brussels once b/c of waiting in the security line. They said that they made all sorts of announcements about how people with flights leaving soon should go to the front...but the announcements were in FRENCH. I couldn't understand. Then when I went to the service desk, they YELLED at me -- in FRENCH...and in English. I was ticked!

    I missed out on why you are going to NYC megs? Regardless, it should be exciting to spend summer in the city:smile:
  12. glad you arrived safely. welcome to NYC.
  13. lol what a cute story! You should've just pretended you were preggers! :roflmfao:
  14. That sounds like something my DH would try to do!! LOL! I HATE that! Makes me so embarrassed I want to die!

    But somehow my husband always finds a skycap and makes sure he sees the money and we get thru to where ever we are going without any trouble. If it weren't for those guys we would never get anywhere. He (DH) is always late for everything.
  15. go megs go!!!!!!!!!!
    everything will be ok!!!:biggrin:
    have fun in the big apple!!!
    we're all here to support you!