Airport shopping in Europe

  1. Just wondering which airport Hermes anyone has been through lately... just booking for a brief trip to the UK and I swear I will choose my airline and route this trip according to which is voted the best airport for Hermes. Best airport for me generally is Zurich, but I am very open to suggestions! (please don't tell me which have Birkins in stock, keep me away from them... please?)
  2. Munich is great, there is a wonderful SA, I don't know her name but she has dark skin, such a sweetie with wonderful taste! They had a bunch of Picotins, that I remember.
  3. frankfurt is nice too
  4. Lemmie tell ya - I nearly flew to Frankfurt Airport when LaVan said there was a Plume in Natural Chamonix there..................
  5. There's a small hermes shop in Kastrup, copenhagen, but as far as I saw, they only had scarves and other acessories.
  6. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I admit I like the idea of Copenhagen, thanks sweetlove: no bag? It's for more. I think 2703 understands my dilemma: do we feed the horses and pay the b*****y vets bill, or buy the bag? It's best to limit me to a bagless hermes shop. if there is one!

    GF - resist the temptation because I flew through Frankfort last year and it has become the most awful, overcrowded airport. Maybe the SA's in Paris can phone you when they get your plume in due course and you can then fly over; Paris is lovely in the autumn, as you probably know....

    I'm still tending towards Zurich because it is usually so uncrowded - except the security queues where you just about get strip-searched by some very ferocious looking ladies. In these times, though, vigorous security is actually quite reassuring.
  7. I really like Zurich airport and the Hermès boutique there is quite big. Zurich airport is great as it is not crowded and lots of shops.

    Although there are A LOT more bags at the Frankfurt airport.
  8. Forget Nice airport ...I can normally buy anything anywhere and there was nothing to buy there....:crybaby:
  9. No bags at those airport shops, except maybe GP totes. There are scarves and small goodies.
  10. In Paris at GDC they have a nice Hermes Airport Shop
  11. Cdg***
  12. teenagemillionaire, thank you - can you believe paris did not pass through my mind on my mental list. I think it's actually a draught that passes through my mind more often than not. (serious blonde!).
    I need the boutique with the best selection of scarves, and the worst stock of bags, actually! I am not to be trusted seeing the birkins in the flesh....
  13. ^^Don't worry about seeing Birkins in the flesh at airport shops since they never carry them! I've also never seen a Kelly at airport shops.
  14. When I was in the Copenhagen airport last weekend, they had a large number of Garden Part(ies) in various sizes AND there was a stack of big orange boxes in the corner, still in plastic. I tried to take a peek at the labels... saw 2 Valparaisos (sp?) but didn't want to stare too long!

    I was really impressed with the scarves on offer. They already had the new designs for autumn when the London shops have told me they will not be here until September.

    Btw, Copenhagen is a lovely city to visit!
  15. There are some Garden Partys in the Vienna international airport, I also saw a Bolide once. And there are TONS of agendas and accessories... :love: