Airport Security mistreated my Epi Speedy

  1. I got to the airport this morning and my flight had been cancelled. They had to put me on another flight on a different airline so of course I got "picked" for additional security check. I travel a lot so I was all organized and I went to put my jacket and shoes in a bin with my speedy on top of it. The TSA agent said I couldn't put it in there. The he too my bag put it its side and roughly slid it down the METAL ally to the conveyer belt. I gasped and he said what's the problem. I told him that I hadn't wanted him to slide my bag on the metal that way as it could get scratched. I walked through, got padded down etc...when I saw my bag I went to pick it up to check it over and the TSA agent said I couldn't touch it until he hand checked it...sigh. I explained to him what happened and he called over the supervisor who was a woman. I told her how my bag had been treated and that I was upset because I felt that I was cooperating with there rules the least they could do was treat my personal property with respect. There was one small scratch on my bag that is now bigger and my obvious. She gave me a complaint and claim form. I'm going to fill it out and see what happens but my bag should be ok..I can live with it. But let me tell you it was so upsetting....
  2. ok, this was my face when i saw the word METAL --> :wtf:
    i hate that the person did that! he probably dind't now the vallue of the bag but even if it was en 5 dollar's not your bag! treat it with respect!
    i hope they will do something with your complaint! if you have news please tell!
  3. aww I'm sorry! I hate going through airport security and having to put my bag through the xray thing...
  4. I know exactly what your feeling.... I had to put my damier keepall on that thing and I was watching it the whole time... Those dirty metal belts are so trashy =( they need to get a separate luggage check, just for us hahaha
  5. Its true...I told the supervisor if it had been my husband and his 16.00 backpack he would still be having a fit. The need to treat peoples property respectfully
  6. That is why I travel with bags I don't care about....usually it's Le sportsac.
  7. That's disgusting...these people have no respect for any item it seems. When Andrew and I flew to AZ and Cali a few months ago, the security check people slammed down my MC Speedy like it was a pancake. Thank god that thing is made well and thank god nothin bad happened to it...but I know that feeling when seeing it treated like trash when YOU do everything they tell you to without a problem.

    I'm so sorry that happened to you and your Epi. I hope something is done to give you some sort of formal apology or justice. :heart::heart::heart:
  8. How aggravating. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I would definitely fill out the complaint form. No matter what the value of the bag, they should not be slamming or throwing things around. It's their job to get people through and check the items so they shouldn't be mean like that. I'm so mad just reading about this. Please let us know what happens.
  9. That is a total bummer! I always dread putting my bag through that thing, I often will bring the dustbag along and put it in there. People look at me like I am nuts though! LOL!
  10. Ughh how upsetting - I'm glad you made a stink about it. When flying to Maui I had to put my keepall through security and I watched it like a hawk.
  11. oh yuck. im so sorry! keep us updated.
  12. I hate it when the apes that work at the airport man handle your bags with total disregard to your personal effects....more so if they notice it's a Vuitton.....:tdown:
  13. :s That is the reason why I always have a dust bag or a clean plastic bag in my LV bag- whenever my poor little one has to go through a scan I put it in the bag and treat the whole thing as my piece of hand luggage- I had too many discussions about "but it is clean/do not worry/there is no problem..."
  14. I'm so sorry that happened to you! I just got back from a trip, and I put my Speedy inside another bag to go through security because I was worried about how they might handle it.

    I think I am still scarred from when I was very little and they made me put a doll through the conveyer belt and the yarn hair of the doll got caught in it and it tore the doll to shreds. I actually don't remember the event, but apparently I was hysterical at the time. At any rate, I know the security people are doing their job, dealing with a serious issue and all sorts of people in a rush, and all the madness over the size of toothpaste tubes, but they shouldn't hurt your stuff. That's just not right.
  15. OMG that's horrible! I can imagine how you felt. It's very rude to treat your belongings like that just because they "can". hope the scratch fades by time.