airport security in the US

  1. hi everyone, im flying to NY from the UK via amsterdam on the 2nd march and just wondered if anyone could tell me how airport security is in the US right now. i flew to portugal a few weeks ago and it wasnt to bad, despite the liquid restrictions(and having to travel on a budget airline but thats another story!) but i have read a few horror stories about security in the US.
    thank you in advance:winkiss:

    P.S. i have flown to the US before but not since the whole heathrow bomb thing
  2. We flew a couple of weeks ago, and it really depends on the airport. In LA there was hardly a line, though you did have to remove your shoes. In Denver, we waited 20 minutes in line, and they were searching everything very thoroughly. Have your liquids/lotions separated in a quart-sized plastic bag and that helps.
  3. I've been in San Francisco and Detroit airports in the past few months, and nothing is out of the ordinary except taking off your shoes and you can't bring on liquids purchased outside the airports.

    I was in Seoul in November and I was unable to bring bottled water onto the airplane, even though I purchased it in the airport and it was sealed!
  4. I'm going to ride on a plane tomorrow, but a few weeks ago I was on a domestic flight from CA to PA and back. And last summer I went to China. I didn't think it was that bad. After you check in your luggage, you go through the security check. They usually make you throw out any bottles you have. Then you put your shoes, carryons, and jackets/sweaters on this conveyer so that security can see what you have inside and you walk through a detector. And that's it. :smile:

    Oh yeah, make sure you have small liquids like shampoo inside a plastic bag.
  5. I think it is worse leaving the US than it is coming to the US. I had to throw away a whole bottle of Creed perfume. I almost got a locker at the airport to stash my stuff.
  6. is the liquid situation the same as in europe? only small bottles carried in a resealable plastic bag? i dont think i could last the entire flight without my elizabeth arden 8 hour cream!
  7. I flew to DC over teh summer, and it wasn't that bad! Only the lines at LAX were big! lol! They made us take our shoes, and they did check everything! When we left DC teh same, they checked everything!
  8. My last international flight was in Nov. and we basically had to go through security twice. Once was just the general xray machine/metal detectors, the other was at the gate going to the US. Since the US has stricter policies, they don't search everyone for the liquids, just those going to the US. So even if you get past round one of security and buy something in the airport, you have to get rid of it before you board. It is because the other airports don't limit what you can bring in after that first security check point. If that makes sense how I have written it.

    Oh, and that second security check was all hand searched too, so it did take a little longer.

    Overall, I don't think anything is a big deal. Just be aware that you might be asked to throw something out if it doesn't fit in your clear plastic bag.
  9. thank you everyone.
    very helpful as always.
  10. Carry only the essentials with you and be ready to take off your coat or jacket or sweater, and shoes to place inside the bins. Belts, bracelets or any other metal should be placed in a small bin, too. Some detectors are super sensitive (NYC). Make sure all liquids in bottles of 3 ounces or less are in plastic bags. Be sure to carry extra plastic bags, JFK charges for plastic bags now, but not all airports (Minneapolis).

    If you are going to NYC and taking the AirTrain into Manhattan, be sure to have cash for the 5 dollar trip from the airport to the train/subway station. One time, all the AirTrain ticket machines would not accept credit cards. This had never been a problem before, but you never know, so I carry a few dollars in cash. Good Luck!
  11. And just in case, if you have surgical hardware, get a note from your doctor saying as much.

    (Ever since 9/11, I've carried one from my orthopedist. I haven't had to show it to anyone just yet, but I feel safer knowing it's there.)
  12. i think the uk is the worst place to fly out of right now, they might be less friendly in the security check elsewhere (well it's pretty difficult to be more evil than some heathrow staff but judging by US immigration staff i can imagine the security staff aren't exactly trying to be your best friend) but the rules aren't as bad. i think you're still allowed more than one bag, for example. the liquids rule is the same from what i understand.
  13. OMG I know NY can get hairy with the security lines at times.. So just be calm and patient and leave yourself extra time if you can
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