Airport Chanel shops

  1. I love it whenever I see a Chanel shop when trying to kill time on transit! Which airport shop is your favourite, and what does it stock?

    I've 3 hours in Franfurt airport this there a Chanel there?
  2. I love the Chanel at Hong Kong Int'l Airport....they have just about every single high-end brand boutique there, even a Lanvin mini-boutique carrying bags, shoes, and clothing (and Lanvin doesn't even have one in the US!).
  3. I love Hong Kong International Airport and I also Love London Heathrow terminal 3! they both have loads of desingers incl Chanel!!!!! :smile:
  4. is buying chanel in the airport cheaper then buying it in the actual chanel store in hk? just wondering since hk already had no tax
  5. The last time i checked.. in dec 2006.. the price in the airport is the same as that in the boutiques in town. :yes:
  6. I love shopping in heathrow terminal 3! :nuts: i tend to leave 4 1/2 hours before my flight so that i have ample time to shop in the airport! hehe. Though there was a time when my flight was delayed for 2 hours and i got REALLY bored... :p
  7. definately Hong Kong international airport ! they got amazing skincare, cosmetics, both high-end & low-end designer brands available !
  8. I loved the Chanel in Heathrow.....the store was big, the stock was plentiful, and the SA waited on me like I was royalty!!!!
  9. i actually called them and asked recently when i was searching the world for the pink bag.. All prices are the same across HK Chanel Boutiques. According to the SA, they ordered same stuff vs in USA differnet boutiques have different items
  10. Hong Kong Intnl Airport! It has all these designer stores (Chanel, LV,Gucci)

    Plus i found they had more styles available (that normally are sold out elsewhere)

    I didn't see much at Frankfurt Airport , so not sure if there was a Chanel there
  11. Thailand is opening a Chanel store at the airport soon.
  12. Would the hong kong airport store ship to somewhere? PinkPiano do you know? if so can I have their number? Thank you.
  13. I'm echoing most of the ladies here in saying Hong Kong International!
  14. Looks like it's Hong Kong and London Heathrow as hot faves...

    Anywhere else where there's a half decent airport Chanel that you've come across ???

    Anyone familiar with Frankfurt airport's shopping? Or am i to be bored stiff for 3 hours...:sad:
  15. Frankfurt is very boring compared to HK and Heathrow. There is the regular duty free with alcohol and cosmetics, and very small shops which have bags/accessories from several seasons ago that are cheaper to buy on eBay. I would rather have a layover in Heathrow for shopping, but Heathrow loses my luggage en route so often.