Airplane bathroom etiquette

  1. Just got home from our trip! Must tell you that I really had tPF withdrawls the days I didn't have internet at the hotel.

    Anyways, on the first leg of our trip back (4 hrs), I had the window seat and there was a guy in the aisle seat. He fell asleep before we even took off.

    I needed to go to the bathroom even before boarding the plane but we had ticketing issues so didn't get the chance. I planned on doing it when I got aboard. It's a zoo getting on and they guard the bathrooms until take off... and I didn't think the guy next to me would fall asleep so fast.

    I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to bother him twice (to go and then coming back). So I just sat there, wishing the plane would land faster. I was even too worried to get a drink when the cart came around.

    What would you have done? I know this is stupid, I probably should have said "excuse me" and gone. Anyone else had to hold it like me because they didn't want to bother someone?
  2. I tend to fly long-haul a lot (I'm from the Southern Hemisphere) and I love the window seat,so i recognise the problem LOL!!

    I have even found that I sometimes fluid restrict on flights if I have a particularly grumpy person (s) on the outer seats...but this is a terrible idea.

    In all fairness,the person who gets the aisle seat knows that you have no other choice. Many seasoned travellers choose aisle because they like the leg room...well then they get the disadvantages too!!

    The poor guy next to you was probably on the last leg of some long trip...but really he'd probably just have gone back to sleep when you got back if he was that tired. ;)

    So now I drink enough fluids....but I definitely don't go as often or as easily as I would have if I'd been on the aisle.

    Still prefer window though:lol: .
  3. The person sitting at the aisle knows that if the person beside them got to go, they will have to get up. I try to go to the bathroom before trips to avoid this at all cost but if I didn't get to do that for some reason, I'd tap at the person's shoulder gently and indicate that I need to go to the restroom. Hopefully they'll stay awake until I'm done so I don't have to wake them up again.
  4. I just tell him 'excuse me' and walk on past. That's what happens when you fly. You have to give a little both ways.
  5. I think you were very considerate. If he needed the toilet would he have have left you sleeping?! I think you should have said excuse me and went to the loo. Its not good for you bladder holding it in for 4 hours! :smile:
  6. Yep. An aisle seat is a bitter-sweet thing. A little more leg room perhaps but you have to get up every now and then for people who need a potty break. I would've just woken him up and excused myself past him to go to the bathroom. Most people who sit in that seat understand.
  7. when people fly alot, they expect interruptions even when they are sleeping. I've seen flight attendants wake people up when they need to. Its just part of flying. I'm not offended if I'm sleeping in the aisle seat and someone wakes me to go to the bathroom. Thats the perils of sitting in the aisle! Next time, wake the person up! Its not healthy to hold it for that long. (tell them bagnshoo said it was okay! :lol: )
  8. I too have "held it" out of courtesy for a fellow passenger.

    I always kick myself though because it is not like 99% of the folks on the plane would do the same. :noworry:
  9. I have crawled to the aisle behind me before... then again I was 17 and with my swim team and my coach told me to do that! But if you gotta go you gotta go- just politely say excuse me, he won't mind (or shouldn't at least)
  10. You should have woke him up. Its not like he was in his bedroom. His comfort isnt more important then yours. It was very nice of you but next time....politely take care of you!

  11. I would have gone. I have such a small bladder and have to use the washroom more often than most. So I agree with everyone, just a simple "excuse me" ...or sometimes you can manage to hop over the person without making them stand up.
  12. Like crawled under the seat? Over the seat? I'm trying to picture this. It's been a while since I've been on a plane and couldn't picture this (personal space on planes are quite small).
  13. I always book Aisle seats - I guess it's because I'd rather be bothered than bother anyone - we are both wrong - people need to use the bathroom and wherever we sit, we need to get up and go. The person on the aisle knows this quite well.
  14. Honey, you go right on to the facilities. You bought a ticket just like he did. His sleep is of no more importance than your need to "void".
  15. i politely say excuse me and then go from there, but i agree with previous comments about using the restroom before the plane takes off so at least, u rid urself of fluids so u dont have to worry as much..