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  1. hey everyone!
    just a quick question??? i usually travel via alaska air but for my next trip (only a 3hr flight) i was considering united air. I just wanted to know how other feel abt UA are they any good???

  2. I've never had a problem with United. We use them occasionally when traveling back & forth from Germany to the US...But mainly when Lufthansa flights are full or not available
  3. I flew United to Alaska. :smile: They played a nice movie.. service was good, timely, etc. No quelms.
  4. This should be moved to the Travel sub-forum.

    I'm 1K on United. Within the United States, I think their service is comparable to the other non-low-cost carriers operating domestically. (eg US Airways, Delta, American).

    United has frequent cross-country non-stops and manageable hubs in SF, Denver, Chicago and the NYC area (JFK I think is a hub) so that could be a key decision factor to select them or not. Same with price. Unless you get a good sale, their prices seem slightly higher than some of the other carriers.
  5. thanks girls i will go with united so i can use my points
  6. Why isn't this in the travel section?
  7. i fly w UA every summer (twice a year) usa<-> vietnam. and it is up to 18hrs flight. im ok even w reg seat, no upgrade...
    they are pretty good

    however, you will only allowed to check in 1 luggage domestic now, which is sucks
  8. UA is fine.