airline restrictions?

  1. Just curious if anyone knows about the current restrictions for flying? Are we still only allowed to carry on our purse, while the rest of our luggage must be checked? No more carry-on luggage - or has that change? Just curious.
  2. you can get the most updated info on the FAA web site.
    The rules are different depending on your destination. ie. US vs Europe
  3. If it's domestic, it's a bit easier than previously. You can carry on liquids that you buy in the terminal after you've cleared security. Small amounts of make-up, lotion, etc. can be carried on if you have them bagged in a qt. size clear bag for scanning (out of your bags). Here's a link that may help:

    TSA: Permitted and Prohibited Items
  4. I just flew. They stopped checking for liquids -- they just ask that you do not carry them on the planes. As far as I could tell, they had seriously gone lax on the latest restrictions so there's not a lot of fuss. Of course, airports may vary.