Airline prices?

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  1. Hey all,

    My BF and I are in the process of booking our dream vacation to Europe this upcoming June! We've been looking around at airline prices, but most are well above 1000 to London. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to go about finding good airline deals. I've tried yahoo travel, orbitz, travelocity, and priceline.

    TIA! :yes: Laura
  2. for international travels, i always do it with a travel agency. surprisingly, they are always cheaper....
  3. Thanks for the tip! I might call one in town :smile:
  4. Try Never used them before. but checked price, seems good. Let me know if they are true :smile:
  5. I just bought tickets to London for June on Air India for $700!! It's a steal!!! You can book directly on their website. So it isn't the greatest airline but for a saving of $300x2 I'll suck it up :yes:
  6. I've seen many campaings by Icelandair in the papers about cheap trips across the pond, so maybe you should check with them.. but yeah, try the different travelwebsites.
  7. I suggest, it's the best airfare search engine in my opinion!
  8. I just got a ticket from CA round trip to UK in July for $875(inc taxes, etc). I used the Globalpoint travel 1800-275-7384. They were so helpful and my itinerary is perfect.
    I looked everywhere online and everything was $1075 and up!
    $875 isn't super cheap, but travel fom June thru September is considered peak so finding anything cheaper is virtually impossible.
  9. wow westiegirl, 875? that's amazing. we're trying to leave out of SFO... I'll possibly give them a call!
  10. Thank you all for the suggestions! I appreciate it :smile:
  11. Unfortunately Iceland Air and Air India doesn't fly out of San Francisco :sad: And a-hunting I'll still go! Thanks all :smile:
  12. Have you tried ? I always use them for traveling. I had a trip get canceled due to bad weather and the hotel refused to give my $ back. worked on it for me and I got refunded.
  13. Try the search engine "kayak" for sure. Same software the airlines use i believe-like going to 25 sites at once and gives trends of prices up or down to help you time the purchase.
  14. Thank you both :smile:
  15. You may want to consider postponing your trip until Sept (I know you prob want to go ASAP!) But in Sept flights are cheaper and there will be fewer crowds when you get there. Besides that I find it helpful to call the airlines directly. I use Travelocity to identify the two or three poentially cheapest airlines and then call. It can be a painful process, but if you get a useful rep they can help identify cheaper flights and/or alternative airports.