Airline miles in addition to savings!

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  1. MORE great deals? here is my favorite thing to do...
    do you want american airlines advantage miles for all our favorite shopping on line
    bloomingdales, Saks, neiman, Nordstrom, eluxury, ebags, smartbargains, overstock, and so many more even Zappos hsn and qvc etc...

    go to
    and be sure to click on the left 'SEE ALL MERCHANTS' and also 'COUPONS & PROMOTIONS'
    you will be credited mileage for your purchases as long as you click on the websites from the american airlines site...put your advantage number in and enjoy!

    also i have found that the savings coupons from vendors are still valid even when you access through am airlines you SAVE and you FLY!
  2. that's great! thanks for bringing this to our attention...i wonder if you can get miles retroactively? i made some purchases about a week ago.
  3. sadly no, you HAVE to access the individual websites FROM the AA site links when you are ordering in order to get miles....the miles are credited later on but the deals are great some are 3 to 1 and 10 to 1 and some have bonus deals...

    we can wear our new bags ON VACATION! :wlae:
  4. also get united mileage by shopping through UNITED.COM
  5. gingarita- i'm miles adicted! i try to buy everything off that site, but sometimes they don't have the store (rarely) and sometimes i just forget! good post!
  6. omg I wish I had known about this earlier!!! Thank you!
  7. I think Delta does this also.
  8. Very cool. They don't advertise it well but my Bank of America credit card rewards program has something similar to this. If you click through to the shop via their site you can get 2x-10x reward points (varies by store).
  9. OK now .. the best deal ever:

    Most airlines offer "dining rewards" as part of their programs. Go to the airlines website, click on the mileage section (whatever it's called) and then go to "earn miles". From there you should find something about dining rewards.
    You register your credit card(s) with them and every time you dine out and a participating restaurant, you automatically earn miles.
    First tier is like 1 mile per $1. Second tier is 3 miles per $1 and third is 10 miles per $1. If you dine out more than 1 time you get to the 2nd tier.

    The best part is it happens automatically!
    PLUS -- if you register your airline credit card, you earn those miles too.
  10. yes it is so great ...american does that tooo
    and the shopping thing happens automatically too!
    AND our favorite places
  11. OMG, I wish I had know about this sooner. Continental does QVC and I buy all my philosophy and smashbox cosmetics from them...this is great!!