Airline Horror Stories?????lol!

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  1. Well.....I just got back from the absolute LONGEST weekend in Hilton Head Island,SC....Thanks to USAIRWAYS ...heehee.OMG.....
    I bet almost every one of us has had airline issues?????WHY IS THAT?we pay big bucks for these airline tickets...heehee..YOU would think they could get us to where we are goin without any delay?
    I went to my daughters graduation..had a ball but the first day I got there ....tropical storm comes in..TORRENTIAL rains..trees down..This of course starts the AIRLINE DELAYS.
    I was supposed to fly out at 830 AM SUN ......My flight was CANCELLED with ZERO notice or explanation why.....oy.
    So I get rescheduled to a 330 flight........I fly in from SAVANNAH to CHARLOTTE,NC.....Charlotte airport is FREAKIN INSANE..ALWAYS..its way too big and crowded.
    i get on my plane..and we taxi to runway.....THEN GUESS WHAT HAPPENS?
    WE SIT ON THE RUNWAY FOR 2 1/2 HOURS...In a hot stinky airplane...
    THEN they say due to delays in PHILA...we are takin u BACK to a GATE to RE FUEL???!!!ROFL..I kid u not..
    So here we goin on 3 hours cramped up and starvin ....and we are goin back to the gate??????Picture people on plane freakin out...LOL.
    so we go back to gate...several peeps are taken off of the plane due to missed planes.They say we have to refuel for 15 mins.I was one of a lucky few who were allowed to sneak off plane and grab a starbucks SUPER FAST..LOL
    However when other passengers saw me reboard with said coffee..I nearly got BOO'D off the plane(they were all like, wheres mine???:confused1:LOL!)...ROFLMAO....yes..It was ugly...heehee.
    we finally take off.....into guess what...that lovely tropical storm followed me home.We had to circle PHILLY for an hour in a holdin pattern during the most GOD AWFUL storm ever.Thank god for the dude I sat next to.He and I talked about our kids..trying not to puke..Literally.I think it was the first time I ever felt sick on a plane too.AND I travel ALOT....
    SO....I survived USAIRWAYS.....after 8 HOURS :crybaby:...yes..I kid u not..of DELAYS..........
    I think we should use this thread for airline horror stories...heehee...I know I feel MUCH better now that Ive shared mine.:wtf:
  2. My worst would probably be when I was stuck in Bali during the Java riots/uprising. We were on China Air, and China Air decided (rightfully) to use all their plans to evacuate Chinese nationals from the country... leaving all us non-Chinese stuck. We lived in the airport for a whole day, got put in a hotel, waited around in the airport... and finally got out.

    As far as scary... flying through and landing in a thunderstorm in Japan I think. Landing was so hard the oxygen masks came down and the overhead cabinets flew open and bags flew all over.

  3. I fcking hate having to sit on a plane on the runway!!! OMG that's the worst, especially when we flew abroad and people didn't use deodorant (sorry.. but true, ROFL)
  4. ^ROFL..I was lucky..I sat next to the nicest guy.we totally talked our way thru nearly pukin...... not some smelly person at least...heehee

    i totally felt horrible for the parents of 4 kids under the age of 5 on the plane...eek....I would of needed a valium with that amount of kids...
  5. Oh my gosh Jill! My worst experience could be last summer. My family and I traveled on the day that the government said they found some terrorist plots, yeah, thank goodness nothing happened but still. We were supposed to leave LAX at 1230 p.m., and we we stayed in the plane, in the gate for like 2.5 hours. When we finally reached Atlanta, our other plane got delayed. We were supposed to leave at 930 p.m., but it got delayed to midnite, and then the airline company said tehy couldnt find a pilot for our plane! We waited there until 3 a.m. and we finnaly got to D.C. at 5:30 a.m. Then we had some hotel problems, man it was bad!
    Coming back was the same story! We got delayed again, but we got home safely around 2 in the morning 2 hours delayed.
  6. JIll i'm glad you survived all that and made it back safely!!

    CONGRATs to you and Tay on graduation!!! :yahoo:You must be super proud, did you guys take lots of pics??

    BAck to airplane horrors....
    i hate sitting on the runway OR circling in the air!!

    Were the kiddies making lots of noise? i can't stand it. (yeah i don't have kids) it makes me have a HUGE headache and i just want to get duct tape and make them stop whinning and crying in a CONFINED small space 30,000 feet above the ground!!! I can't even open the exit door to escape the noice!!!AHHHH

    i'm surprised they let you jump off to get a starbucks!! I would have just snatched your starbucks. HEHEHEHE

    I thought you were going to say thank god you were sitting next to a dude that was the most hunky drop dead gorgeous guy and he was a good conversationalist and you chatted and smiled and laughed and that was how you got through all the airplane horrors. HEHEHE

    I guess not huh? welcome back!!
  7. ^ that sucks Jill!! at least you got to see the graduation!

    I was stranded in Baltimore for a day because of thunderstorms. They rescheduled my flight for 6am, I show up at 4am, and then they tell me that my flight isn't until 3:30... and since I had no car, I had to tram it back to my friend's place and then crash for a few hours before he could take me back to the airport again. It was awful! I had to miss work that day too.
  8. Wow, that really sucks you had to go through all that.

    My flight horror story was when I was in Switzerland. I was on a return flight home and a fight broke out before the plane took off. It was right as everyone boarded and the doors were closed but the plane hadn't moved yet. Well then they had to call security and we had to wait until they apprehended the guys which took about an hour and a half. Then the flight attendant accidentally released the emergency slide things instead of opening the door. We waited 5 hours sitting in the hot, stinky plane before they told us we would have to all get on another flight. The next flight we were able to get on was 8 hours later and we literally slept on the airport floor. The seats on the way home were in coach, whereas before we were sitting in first class. It was a very long uncomfortable flight all the way back to the US.
  9. i think airports should be like buses, you just turn up and get on. none of this waiting around.
    my worst experience was getting on a plane getting to the runway and the pilot telling us "there will be a slight delay due to electrical problems and the plane needs to be jump started" WTF! aparently its a common problem!!!!!!!!!
  10. Glad you're back! You know my airplane horror story! In April I was stranded in Atlanta for over 24 hours because of the Nor'easter!
  11. I went for a conference to Tennessee last summer. My flight from CT to Washington was less than 2 hours, and then from there to Knoxville was also less than 2 hours.

    Unfortunately a person on the flight coming in to Bradley (CT) had had a heart attack and we were stuck for hours because EMTs had to come and move the person off the plane before we could get on. The plane was at the gate and we were waiting for ages not knowing what was going on..the passenger next to me was going "It must be a HAS to be a bomb and they're waiting for the bomb squad...." Not the most reassuring person to sit next to in an airport!

    Anyway I missed my connecting flight and was stuck at Washington for more than 12 hours - they gave me a voucher for food but that was about it. Then when I was finally getting ready to board my flight they said it was delayed due to thunderstorms...and I spent another 4 hours hanging around.

    I finally got to Tennessee at about 3am, and had to present something the same morning - no it did NOT go well!
  12. I don't think I've ever had a problem while flying, other than a few grumpy, jerk passengers.

    We flew from Dulles to Frankfurt, Germany on Dec. 22, 2002 - the day that the infamous shoe bomber attempted to blow himself up...We noticed that the stewardesses were acting a bit strangely and were constantly around but we had no clue what was going on until we got to Frankfurt and called my dad to let him know that we had arrived safely. We had talked to him before we took off from Dulles, and he already knew what had happened - but didn't want to tell us because he knew we would be scared!!! I'm glad he didn't tell us :biggrin:

    The other time was during the summer of...2004, I believe. This time we were flying from Frankfurt to Dulles and there was a middle-eastern family sitting in front of us. We were flying over Iceland at the time and they wanted to serve us dinner, but there was a lot of bad turbulance so they could not serve us. The father of the family in front of us started pitching a FIT, screaming at the stewardess that it was unfair that they "refuse" to serve food to his children who were starving. Well, 1) his kids were sleeping and 2) when they finally did bring the food, who ate the meal?? THE DAD!!! The guy who was sitting next to me on that flight started to get real nervous and made a comment about the man being middle eastern and how he hopes he's not going to blow up the plane or anything. I thought the comment was pretty ignorant and all -but it sure did scare me for a bit!

    ...Other than that, no memorable problems. But...I do get sick everytime I'm on an airplane - usually because the flights are so long and I'm so stinking tired (I can't sleep) so I usually throw up during landing, lol
  13. the last time i took an hour flight on northwest to chicago it took me 12 hours to get home!! first i waited 3 hrs for the plane so i could board, sat on the plane 4 hours,then they wouldnt open the frikin doors after we landed.......... for like 2 more hours...

    it was aweful......then i waited an hour for my luggage

    i will never never never fly northwest i am delayed at least 3hours each time..
  15. :wtf: