Airline Help!

  1. I figure you ladies would be able to help me! I will be visiting the USA this summer (staying in Richmond) and I'm trying to book a flight from New York to Las Vegas and I was wondering how I should go about doing it. Should I use something like Orbitz or go to the respective airline websites (ie. airtran) and book my tickets? Also, which airline is the cheapest? I'm on a tightttttt budget!

    Also, I am soooooo confused! I'm outside the US so I'm not familiar at all with the different airports in the different states. So there's two airports in New York right? JFK and La Guardia? How far apart are these two? There's also NY - White Plains? I've googled the maps etc but it's all a bit confusing!!

    Also, I have NOOOOOO idea where to go in terms of travelling! My friends and I plan to travel "up", from Richmond to Washington, New York etc before going down to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles and San Fran. What are some of the must-go places to visit? (Other than the outlets :graucho: ).

  2. Sorry, I can't offer much insight other than I've found Airtran to be the cheapest vs. other airlines. We always fly Airtran from Indianapolis to Florida. Also, on the flights we go on, it's less than $100 difference to fly business class vs. coach. Most airlines, it's almost double the price.

    Airtran sometimes doesn't show up on Orbitz & Expedia. Those sites are a good place to start but I would check out Airtran's website for comparison too. I always book through Airtran's website.
  3. I've always found good deals w/ Orbitz and
  4. Use to find the cheapest price. It's fantastic because it compares all the major airlines and websites. It will also show you the rises and falls of ticket prices over the past few months.

    You don't want to fly out of White Plains. Stick to La Guardia, JFK or even Newark, New Jersey if that's significantly cheaper.
  5. There are 3 major airports in the NY area - La Guardia (LGA), JFK and Newark (EWR). Newark is in New Jersey but still relatively close.

    If you knew where you were staying in NY it would be helpful but all airports are a train/bus ride away and can be done economically if planned.

    I use to gather fares - it does an overall search of Orbitz, Travelocity and all the airlines.
  6. i am a fan of southwest for quick and cheap flights. try jetblue also (great deals!)
  7. thank you ladies for all your help (:
  8. I second jillybean- go to and you will find great results there. They compare all airlines! Have a blast- it is fun to plan!
  9. Jetblue is a great airline and they fly out of JFK. Definitely check out their website. Sometimes they run really great deals.
  10. What country are you coming from?

    I will agree with the others. Southwest and Jetblue can be very cost effective but you may have to go directly to their website as I'm not sure Orbitz and the likes use them.

    Have fun! :smile: