Airline Damaged My Vuitton Pegase Suitcase

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  1. Hi

    My current dilema (it's a bit concerning that all my current dilema are routed in handbags and shoes) is that i recently went away and my LV Pegase suitcase was damaged by the airline.

    When i got to my destination the pull handle would not extend and was completly jammed. On closer inspection it was apparant that there had been damage to my case which inadvertly damaged the metal frame of the handle mechanism.

    On arrival to my home airport i reported this to the airline and was given the most willy nilly excuses. Firstly i was told they would contribute to a repair, i explained the amount they were offereing wouldn't even pay my cab fare to the nearest LV store.

    Then she changed her mind after i explained i would not put it through travel insurance because it wasn;t my doing, and started going on about my LV warranty, that it is covered under that.

    Now before i go to the store i would like someone to tell me whether this is correct.

    I agree that manfactural damage to my case will be covered, but can direct mishandling by the airline be covered. I don't want to go to the store and make a fool of my self demanding it be fixed and then get lumbered with a hefty bill that the airline won't pay.

    Please advice
  2. I would call LV and ask them them if it covered and if not how much it will cost and then if there is a fee, I would contact the airlines and make them agree to pay for the repair.
  3. I'm pretty sure Lv are not going to cover damage done by the airline you'll either have to claim through your insurance or raise hell with the airline
  4. I choose the raise hell with airline route, she was so flippant about the whole thing and was basically like let LV sort it out you paid enough money for it. I was too tired to stand there and argue after a ten hour flight as i was :cursing:

    i have to get them to agree to pay for it before i allow any repairs to take place, i am not a great fan of pay and claim procedures.
  5. Agreed with the raise hell with airline route.

    Airlines are pretty crappy with footing the tabs on this sort of thing though - you may have to go through travel insurance to get this covered.
  6. OMG, I would go guns blazing in there if the airlines ruined my LV luggage. This just makes me more scared to check in and I don't think Ill ever do it. I would really go nuts with the airlines and demand them to pay for some if not the full amount of the repair costs. I am so sorry you have to deal whit this bulls*it, the airlines just don't give a s*hit about their customers.
  7. LV isnt going to cover damage from an airline. I would think you'd have to use your travel insurance to cover it.
  8. So sorry to hear that! Airlines are notorious for being flippant about damage! I cram all my stuff into my Gucci carry on for this reason and just travel light. When you have nice things, no one treats them as well as you do. I'd raise hell with the airlines and request a supervisor. The higher up you get within the company, the more likely you are to have your issue resolved to your satisfaction.
  9. I'd be surprised if the airline covered your actual repair/replacement costs. As much as I feel really bad for you about your experience, it's your choice to purchase costly luggage and damages are a normal and frequent occurrence that you should have expected. I would expect from them the standard compensation for the particular type of luggage.....I would assume it's an average price they use. I don't think they should be expected to offer compensation based on the fact that your luggage brand was LV. JMHO.
  10. ITA!
  11. The airline won't do can try forever and they will still give you the run around.
  12. point taken - not totally agreed - but taken.

    But when an airline offers you $60 towards the repair costs i think this is hitting way below the belt. I have Delsey suitcases also and $60 wouldn't even cover a wheel repair on those either:nogood:

  13. It could be like insurance claims tho - where they may reject since that would discourage the majority of people and then you have to go back in order to actually get it (and to be taken seriously). Keep on harassing !! :graucho::graucho:
  14. Lv will repair it for you. But with a charge.
  15. i would raise hell. but look on the bright side, atleast your luggage didnt get lost. british airways have just anounced that 10 passengers on every flight have their luggage lost!