Airline and Hotel Rewards Programs?

  1. As opposed to credit card rewards points programs, does anyone have any sucess or good companies to use? I will be travelling alot, so I signed up with the American Airlines rewards, as well as the Hilton Rewards...

    Are these programs worth it, or are they a pain because of the black out dates etc.
  2. we have one for every company I believe, they always serve us well.
    Starwood, Hilton, Marriott, etc. . . .
  3. How are the black out dates? Do they give you lots of restrictions when you try to book things?
  4. we've never had a problem, never been told no.
  5. We are in most of them too. Haven't had any problems with the hotel programs. Airlines are another matter--they can make it hard to use the "rewards". We're in United and USAir.
  6. We are in the AE Delta one & I have to book our reservations the day they release first class seats for a flight. 331 days before you want to leave. If I was looking for a credit card this is not one I'd get now.
    We also are in most of the hotel programs & have never had problems getting rooms.
  7. I have one for everywhere I've stayed/traveled with. As long as you plan in advance, the blackout stuff isn't too painful.
  8. :yes: If there is one, I sign up, some offer perks just for being a member.
  9. For me the miles or points are not benefits. I rarely use mine, except for occasional domestic upgrades or flying my dad around the country. I'm in it for the status - free domestic upgrades when available, priority lines and boarding. I never realized how bad non-elites were treated until I became one last year. That will never happen again. LOL I must say my airline (CO) is suck-tastic for international transport as far as mileage upgrades (I NEVER use miles for a long haul) but oh well. I still get to board first.... :p

    What is your base city and where will you be traveling? Airline programs differ greatly and it pays to choose wisely. :yes: Happy travels!

    PS I just saw NY. Continental is based out of EWR and great for domestic travel. If you are primarily going overseas I would find someone else... If AA learn to love DFW.