Airfare deals - ends tonight [July 8]

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  1. Excerpts from Chicago Sun Times:

    Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines launched a two-day fare sale Tuesday, listing trips as low as $30, which competitors quickly matched.
    The sale, covering all of the carrier's routes, is good for travel from Sept. 9 through Nov. 18. Rates are $30 each way for flights as far as 400 miles, $60 for 400 to 750 miles and $90 for more than 750 miles.
    Southwest made the move to boost the traditionally saggy season that falls between summer and the winter holidays.
    United Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines Inc., JetBlue Airways Corp. and US Airways Group Inc. matched the offers on competing routes.
  2. I booked flights to new York and Seattle, very good deal
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    i tried booking from lax to sfo for 2 the fare came out to $300??
  4. I booked SJC-LAS for ~$80 RT and SJC-SEA for ~$140 RT. This is a great deal!!
  5. Wow! Congrats on the great deals. Wish I could go somewhere during that time, too bad I have school.
  6. I am bummed I missed this!
  7. You could always check the competitors - IDK if they only lowered the prices for the two days as well or not.
  8. Thanks for posting!
  9. Much appreciated. Thanks for sharing. :happydance: