Airborne products????

  1. Does anyone use the Airborne products that are supposed to strengthen you immune system during cold season? My friend and her co-workers swear by them. I just wanted to see what other people think.
    Everyone here is suffering with such bad seasonal allergies. My daughter has been to the doctors 3 times in three is horrible. Everyone in the neighborhood says the same thing, the cough and sinus congestion and drip that will not go away.
  2. My entire office tried the stuff last year--we all still got sick. I guess it works for some people, and doesn't work for others. Unfortuantely, I'm one of those people with horrible year-round allergies and I always have post-nasal drip. So, whenever I get too run down, I end up with a sinus infection.
  3. i've tried it and take it together with a regular cold/flu medicine...i'm not sure if taking airborne only would help though.
  4. I took vitamin C 3000mg everyday for several weeks and still got a bad cold.
    Airborne sometimes works if I take it when I first feel like I'm coming down with something. It lessens the symptoms.
  5. I dont know for me it really worked. I felt like I was catching something just drank some airborne and magically it went away in an hour or so.

    It really dpeends on when you take it as well. If you take it RIGHT when you feel any cold-like symptoms, it should work.
  6. I take lots of it once i feel i'm going to get sick and it's been helpful so far. I don't know if it's prevented anything since i take it even when i'm sick but i feel better taking it =P

    I'll take anything and everything just to feel better when i'm sick!

    Allergies are a pain! try to stay indoors and maybe cover up. Have u tried benadryl and all? i take those too when the allergy hits me ... =P
  7. I really like Airborne. I don't know if taking it in conjunction with cold medicine will help, but I like to do it.

    I recently just got over a double ear infection and taking Airborne really seemed to make my swollen throat/lymph nodes feel better.

    My roommate's mom is a nurse, too, and she is always making sure that we have a huge supply of it.
  8. i like it, because it's a nice immune booster. It certainly won't help your symptoms if you're sick, but I think if you take it as soon as you start feeling icky, it definitely helps you recover more quickly. and it's easy on the throat, so it's not hard to take when you're sick.